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Morning Newspaper: National Signing Day Edition


Today is National Signing Day for football, and this is the day all those verbal commitments sign their National Letters of Intent to play for the college of their choice.

Kentucky so far has achieved what is quite possibly the best recruiting class in Kentucky football history.  We'll be following this story closely today, but don't expect any news to be broken here -- we'll give updates as we get them as well as commentary, but other sites work hard to get you the minute-by-minute stuff.  If you have to know something the second it happens, be sure to visit one of the other fine Kentucky blogs or websites that work hard to bring you results as they happen. National Signing Day will be covered in a separate thread that will be on top all day long today.

And now, for the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • 'Dogs make it rain on 'Cats.  They sure did.  14-27 three point shots is more like a deluge.
  • 'Cats have a "heart to heart" after the loss.  I really don't make too much of these, and I'm not sure "heart" would have saved them last night.  The defensive effort in the first part of the second half was as good as any they have put on this season, but UK could not score enough points.
  • We got some infidelity going on in the Big Blue Nation.
  • Ugh.  The truth hurts.
  • A Bleacher Report author pans last night's game.
  • John Clay says Gillispie feels the heat.  No doubt that's true, and he should.

    Last night's game does not trouble me all that much in the sense that we got beat.  MSU's plan worked, UK's plan didn't and MSU was as hot as a June bride.  That happens in college basketball.  At this point, I think the coach would have to believe that continuing to do what we are doing is the definition of insanity.  We'll see.

    But I don't agree with Clay that we are feeling the NCAA bubble yet, not unless we drop a couple more games.  What we are feeling is the blues brought about by a plan that isn't working.  It's time for a new plan.

  • "We were just daring someone else to step up and beat us," Turner said. "If they could, then we would live with that."  Hint to Gillispie -- you have essentially heard this in three games straight.  Do you need me to draw you a map here?  OK, I will -- any plan that has Patterson and Meeks as the only real scoring options isn't going to work.  So change it.
  • Rick Bozich says UK is only a two-man team.  You'd have to agree if you watched UK turn down open shot after open shot.
  • Matt Jones' remarks.
  • John Clay says the 'Cats can turn it around.  I agree.

Kentucky Football News

  • Some suspense on signing day.
  • Kentucky's two stud QB's are ready to sign on the dotted line.  It's an exciting time for Kentucky football.
  • Kentucky already has one on the list of signees.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Florida defeats South Carolina in a thriller.
  • Ohio State upsets Purdue.
  • Carolina takes some hits to their personnel.

NCAA Football News

  • Coaches want early signing period.  This has been debated forever.

Other News of Interest

  • Hal Mumme to have surgery today.  Our prayers are with you, Hal.
  • Shane Ragland appeals the civil verdict against him.