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Bah. Humbug.

No postmortem tonight.  I'm in a foul mood, and not just because of the game, and I think an early bedtime would be best for me.  The sun will rise tomorrow, and perhaps, with some sleep, I'll have something more valuable than invective to offer.

I'd like to offer some words of encouragement, but I think they would ring a bit hollow after the way things went tonight.  I will congratulate the Gamecocks on an outstanding, simply marvelous game and Coach Horn on a remarkable game plan that UK had no answer for.  Congrats to the Gamecocks, their fans and the school for a flawless victory.

Tomorrow, after some rest and perhaps a little introspection, I'll have something to offer that is more useful than this placeholder.  I wonder if I have met the minimum number of characters for posting.  Maybe not.  Maybe just a few more meaningless words drifting off into ...

Good night, all.  The morning will bring not just the sun, but actual cogitation and commentary.