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Morning Newspaper for February 24th



For any of you that didn't get to watch the end of the Oklahoma-Kansas game last night, all I can say is, "Wow!"  Both teams put on an amazing offensive display for a stretch there that reminded me a little bit of the, "Can you top this?" nature of the 1992 Duke vs. Kentucky game of legend.  It wasn't quite that dramatic, but it was a joy to watch.

Now for the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • South Carolina's Devan Downey likes performing in the clutch.
  • Can Darius Miller continue his good play?  I sure hope so.  Kentucky is a much better team when he is contributing on offense as well as defense.  Now, if we could only find some way to convince Perry Stevenson to join him on a consistent basis ...
  • Gillispie is miked up for the South Carolina game as part of an All-Access deal with ESPN.
  • Downey too short to play in the SEC?  I don't think so.
  • It's go time in the SEC East.
  • Are UK bloggers and other websites taking themselves too seriously, and for the wrong reasons?  Jared Powell at UK Wildcat Country thinks so.  I get this mainly as a rage against self-importance, and the kind of love-hate relationships blogs share with their mainstream media counterparts.  It is not helpful to engage in blog wars, or whatever you want to call it.  Still, I think that the best that all of us who cover the 'Cats with opinion and analysis is to be honest with ourselves.  Bloggers exist to provide fresh viewpoints that the media may eschew for whatever reason.  But sports blogging cannot replace sports media, and shouldn't want to.
  • Wildcats to bring a new weapon to Columbia, and his name is Darius.
  • Wildcats Thunder has a preview of the South Carolina game.
  • Garnet and Black Attack has some thoughts about tomorrow's game, among others.

Kentucky Football/Other News

  • UK Tennis drops Notre Dame.
  • Carly Ormerod is finally back from injury for the UK Hoops team, and is about to play her fiinal home game against Georgia on Thursday.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Big game in the SEC tonight.
  • LSU is still under the radar at 11-1 in the SEC, according to The Sporting News.  I think TSN needs to replace the Magnetron on their radar -- I'm thinking it just isn't putting out enough power if they can't get a return on an 11-1 team in the SEC.  LSU isn't flying that low.
  • Is Mississippi State better off without Scotty Hopson?
  • Alabama's Alanzo Gee is SEC POW.
  • Is Tennessee flaming out?
  • Should the NCAA allow players out of their LOI for a coaching change?  Get The Picture argues in the affirmative, and notices the case of DeMarcus Cousins.
  • Kansas defeats Griffin-less Oklahoma in a classic.  Crimson and Cream Machine has more here, and Rock Chalk Talk has the Kansas viewpoint.

NCAA Football News

  • Is Georgia coach Mark Richt intense enough?
  • More news from the NFL Combine.

Other News of Interest

  • Gmail knocked off line last night.  I had no access this morning, but it's all better now.
  • A-Rod mess still dominating professional baseball news.  Where will it end?