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UK Basketball: Patterson's Digit, and Tons of Trends


Saturday afternoon as I watched Kentucky dismantle what was left of the Bruce Pearl mystique, I thought to myself, "What's different about Patrick Patterson?"  Try as I might, I could not figure out what it was about UK's big man that had changed; no, the afro had not re-appeared; no, his muscle-mass was still impressive; and no, he had not changed his jersey number, ala Ramon Harris.

From about midway through the first half, until midway through the second I pondered, but I couldn't put my FINGER on what it was.  Then, as quickly as Billy G. gets T'ed up, it hit me.  Patterson wasn't sporting his stylish, monstrous finger wrap! 

Finally free of what seemed like three pounds of tape and gauze, Patterson played like a man liberated.  His stat line from Saturday's game looked like this: 9-12 field goals, 1-2 free throws, and five rebounds -- Patterson's offensive efficiency had returned.

Which got me to thinking.  What tangible effect did his injured finger and the accompanying wrap have on #54's game?  And does the removal of the tape signal a new beginning for Patterson and his teammates?


Tale of the Tape

  • Patterson first wore his finger wrap for the game in Knoxville on January 13.  Since then, he played in eight games with the finger wrapped.  In those eight games Patterson was 47-91 from the field (51.6%), averaging 15.6 points per game.  He also averaged 9.5 rebounds per game during that stretch.
  • In the 17 games Patterson played without the appendage bandaged, he made 126 of 184 shots (68.5%), and averaged 18.9 points per game.  His rebounding numbers are nearly identical, though; he averaged 9.1 rebounds per game in the 17 bandage-free games.
  • Patterson scored over 18 points in only 37.5% of the games with the bandage present; in the 17 games without the bandage he went for more than 18 points a total of 10 times (58.8%).

It doesn't take a Mensa member's mind to figure out that Patrick's offensive game suffered dramatically because of the wrap (a nearly 17 percentage point drop in his field goal shooting).  Here's hoping for a healthy finger, and great shooting for the rest of the season.

Kentucky Team Trends 

  • Over their last four games UK, as a team, is shooting 41.3% (31-75).
  • Prior to the Tennessee game UK had allowed their opponents to shoot 42.9% (148-345).
  • Over the last eight games UK has given up 108 offensive rebounds (13.5 per game) on 281 missed shots, for an offensive rebounding percentage of 38.4 (UK is 4-4 in those eight games).  On the season UK allows only a 32.4% offensive rebounding conversion rate.
  • Kentucky has shot under 40.0% in four of the last eight games -- @ Alabama (38.8), @ Ole Miss (38.5), Mississippi St. (35.6), and @ Vanderbilt (38.5).  The previous 19 games UK shot under 40.0% only twice.
  • Over the last six games, UK is giving up only 7.6 assists per game to their opponents.
  • In 10 of 12 SEC games UK has scored more points in the second half, than in the first stanza.  In that time they average 39.2 points in the second half, and 32.8 points per first half.  In 12 SEC games Kentucky has scored over 40 points in the second half five times.
  • Kentucky has not given up 40 points in the first half of any SEC game, and they have given up 40+ in the second half only three times (48 @ Ole Miss, 42 to South Carolina in Rupp, and 47 @ Vanderbilt).
  • UK has scored over 80 points only twice in SEC play -- @ Tennessee, and @ Ole Miss.
  • UK has not recorded double-digit steals since pilfering 11 versus Appalachian State on December 20 (a span of 16 games).
  • In the last five games UK has less than 20 turnovers in each game.  In the first 22 games of the year Kentucky turned the ball over 20+ times a total of nine games (40.9%)
  • UK has not recorded double-digit blocks since the Georgia game on January 18, when they had 11.  Kentucky recorded double-digit blocks in seven of their first 18 games (38.9%).  Over the last nine games UK is averaging 6.1 blocks per game.

Player Trends

Jodie Meeks

  • Since shooting 10-18 versus Alabama on January 24, Meeks has made 49-119 shots (41.2%).  During that same time Meeks has made 23-59 trey attempts (38.9%).
  • But, Meeks has made only 4 of his last 18 three-point attempts (22.2%).
  • Since getting zero rebounds versus Mississippi State five games ago, Meeks is averaging 4.3 rebounds per game (he averages 3.6 boards per game on the year).
  • Since having 11 total turnovers versus Georgia and Auburn in back-to-back games, Meeks has averaged only 2.0 turnovers per game in the eight games since.
  • Meeks has made at least 35.0% of his three points shots in 11 of the last 19 games.
  • Since making 10-15 free throws (66.7%) in back-to-back games versus Florida and Arkansas, Meeks has made his last 16 charity stripe attempts (in his last two games). 
  • Meeks averages a solid 8.1 free throws per game in SEC play.
  • Jodie has scored over 25 points in five of 12 SEC contests.

Perry Stevenson

  • Since averaging 14.0 points per game versus Georgia, Auburn and Alabama, Stevenson has averaged only 6.6 points per game in the seven games since.
  • Since averaging 10.5 rebounds per game versus Auburn, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina, Stevenson has averaged only 5.2 rebounds over the last five games.
  • He's snagged only four offensive rebounds over the last four games.
  • Stevenson has recorded zero blocked shots over the last two games.  He averages 2.1 blocks per game on the year. 
  • Since making 10-13 free throws against Alabama, Perry has made only 6-15 in the seven games since.
  • Stevenson dished out 40 assists through the first 22 games (1.8 assist per game).  In the last five games he's handed out only two assists (.4 per game).
  • Since making only 3-9 shots versus 'Bama, Stevenson has made 20-36 shots in the seven games since (55.6%).

Michael Porter

  • Over the last four games Porter has made eight of his last 16 three-point attempts.  His previous eight games he made only 3-12 (25.0%).
  • In his last six games Porter has committed 21 turnovers to only 15 assists.
  • Over his last six games Porter has averaged 6.6 points per game.  He averages 4.0 points per game on the year.
  • Since the Georgia game (10 games ago) Porter has taken only two free throws.

Ramon Harris

  • Over the last three games Harris is averaging 5.3 points per game.  His previous seven games he averaged 1.6 points per game.
  • Over the last three games Harris has made nine of 11 free throws (81.8%).  On the year he makes them at a 64.6% clip.
  • Harris has grabbed 16 rebounds over the last three games (5.3 per game).  On the season he averages 3.3 per game.
  • He leads the team with 11 offensive rebounds over the last three games (3.7 per game).
  • Versus UT Saturday, Harris made 1-1 three-point attempt.  His previous 10 games he was 0-9.
  • Harris committed 39 turnovers in his first 17 games played (2.3 per game).  In his last five games he's committed only four turnovers (.8 per game).

Darius Miller

  • Miller has made five of his last seven three-point attempts (71.4%).  For the year, Miller shoots 29.3% from beyond the arc.
  • He's averaged 3.0 assists in his last five games played (he averages 2.0 assists per game for the season).
  • Since making only four of 10 shots versus Ole Miss, Miller has made 16 of his last 30 shots (53.3%).  On the year he shoots 39.3%.
  • Since grabbing nine boards versus Ole Miss, Miller averages only 2.7 rebounds per game in his last six games.
  • Miller went 17 straight games without scoring in double-figures.  He's scored in double-digits in two of his last seven games.

Josh Harrellson

  • Harrellson has made six of his last 12 field goal attempts (50.0%).
  • Versus Florida and Arkansas Harrellson played a combined 24 minutes and committed six fouls.
  • Harrellson has made 2-6 three-pointers in SEC play (33.3%).
  • Since averaging 12.3 minutes per game versus Mississippi State, Florida, and Arkansas, Harrellson has played a total of nine minutes in the last two games.

DeAndre Liggins

  • Since making a combined 3-4 three-point attempts in back-to-back games versus South Carolina and Mississippi State, Liggins has gone 0-2 in his last four games.
  • Over the last three games Liggins has recorded nine assists to only five turnovers.
  • Through his first 22 games played Liggins averaged 20.0 minutes per game.  Over the last four games he's averaged only 12.3 minutes per game.

A.J. Stewart

  • Over the last three games (Arkansas, Vandy, and Tennessee) Stewart has played a total of 26 minutes, and put together the following stat line -- 19 points on 6-9 shooting (2-2 three-pointers), 5-7 free throws, seven rebounds (four offensive), one assist, two blocks, and two turnovers.

For those who care ...

Kentucky's RPI stands at 61 as of 9:00 pm EST (Monday night).  Teams 60-51 are as follows, in descending order: Western Kentucky, Davidson, Illinois State, Baylor, Michigan, Boston College, George Mason, Cincinnati, Maryland, St. Mary's.

UK's next four opponents -- South Carolina is at #44; LSU is #33; Georgia is #209; and Florida is #41.

Happy Birthday

A very large and enthusiastic Happy Birthday to my wife Jennifer!!

Thanks for reading, and Go 'Cats!