Kentucky Basketball 2008-09: Interesting officiating statistic

Tony Greene, the official who T'd up Gillispie in 2 of the last 3 games, has an interesting history in Kentucky games this year.

In 2009, Greene has been on the crew that officiated six games in which UK was involved.  In four of those six, a technical has been called on the UK bench.  They are:

  • Kentucky @ Vandy -- Tony Greene T on Gillispie
  • Florida @ Kentucky -- Tony Greene T on Gillispie
  • South Carolina @ Kentucky -- Technical on Gillispie, not sure if it was Greene
  • Kentucky @ Louisville -- Technical on Gillispie, not sure if it was Greene

The other two games were vs. Miami and at Tennessee, where no technicals were called on Kentucky.  In 2007-08, Greene was on 8 crews that worked UK games, and only once was a technical foul called.  I'm not 100% sure it was even on the coach, but it probably was.

Is this mere coincidence?  I don't really know.  It could be, but it actually doesn't seem likely.  Gillispie rarely gets T'd up for demonstrative behavior, and clearly the T last night was just for talking to Greene -- Gillispie never got off his haunches.

Something to consider, for what it's worth.  I find it a bit troubling, but then again, I am a partisan, so you can't go by me.