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Morning Newspaper for February 18th


Another trip to Nashville, another depressing result.  Of course, I do think a lot of UK fans were laboring under the delusion that we could beat a bunch of SEC teams while our best all-around player healed his wounds.  I think the fallacy of that thinking has now been exposed.  But this is the news, not a mournful commentary on last night.

And so, we move on to the rest of today's headlines and hidden gems ...

Kentucky Basketball News

Kentucky Football/Other UK Sports News

  • Anything But Gatorade disposes of an article I found yesterday but refused to link due to its vapid nature.  I'm glad, because ABG does a much better job than I could have.
  • This article out of Las Angeles talks about what a big catch wide receiver Chris Matthews is for UK.  He looks like a big-time player to me.
  • Kentucky men's golf is doing well, finishing second in a tourney down in Florida.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Where do SEC teams stand with respect to the NCAA tournament?  Well, I think that might be due for some revision.
  • Michigan State is handled at Purdue.
  • Kansas is just reloading.
  • Tyler Zeller is healed and ready to play.
  • Seth "I'm so pretty, who needs a brain?" Davis dazzle's us with his bloviation.

NCAA Football News

  • Two BCS championships are not enough for Tim Tebow.  He's changing the world!
  • Will Texas Tech fire Mike Leach?  That would be a heck of a story.

Other News of Interest

  • "Horse collar" tackle no longer permitted in prep football.  Definitely a good thing.
  • Myles Brand, NCAA President, is fighting cancer.  Our prayers are with him.