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Morning Newspaper: Vanderbilt Commodores Redux Edition

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Tonight, Kentucky goes back on the road for a visit with the Vanderbilt Commodores in Nashville.  Vandy is a relatively short trip for Kentucky, but there is considerable bad blood between the two fan bases and perhaps even teams due to a historic beat-down Kentucky suffered at the hands of a mature and powerful Commodore team last year.  As much as I would like to see Kentucky return the favor, quite frankly I will be very happy with a victory of any dimension, especially since it now seems unlikely that Patterson will see much, if any, time.  Be sure to read Ken's excellent pre-game analysis just below.

And now, for the rest of the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • The New York Times joins the Jodie Meeks love-fest.  This is actually a high-quality piece worthy of the NYT brand (or at least, it's brand of 15 years ago before they became more like a tabloid than the Grey Lady of old), despite its brevity.
  • One sentence sums up the SEC this year.  Heh.  I never get tired of remembering that game.
  • Meeks leads the 'Cats into Nashville.
  • Rumors.  Rejected.
  • Guy Smiley hands out grades for the UK - Arkansas game.
  • Patterson still doubtful for the Vanderbilt game.  I suppose it would be poetic justice for the 'Dores, since Ogilvy was out when they came to Rupp Arena.
  • Zach Hester of the Kentucky Kernel rebukes fans for too much arm-chair coaching, a vice we are all guilty of around here, and I think he makes a great point.

    But I do have two really important comments for Zach -- 1) Do people really still drink PBR?  2)  Work on your sentence structure, brother.  When you are a junior in English, you should be pointing out the flaws in my grammar, not forcing me to fight through yours.

  • Jerry Tipton writes about the apparently hot topic of Galloway's playing time.  Look, I think the angst on this point is ridiculous, and I must admit to being a bit deaf about the whole question.  I see all these posts on The Cats Pause questioning Gillispie's decision and assuring anyone who will listen that UK will never be any good as long as Ramon Harris sees major minutes.

    All I can say is that I hope all you Harris haters and Gillispie playing-time critics out there continue to suffer miserably at both their hands.  I hope it drives you to the brink of sanity, and then thrusts you, screaming, frothing and barking mad, over the edge and into the abyss.

    Get over yourselves.  I used to be one of you, but at least I eventually figured out the futility.  Maybe you can, too.  Try it -- its a lot less stressful.  And Coach?  Please continue to ignore us fans on this point.  You deserve to sink or swim on your own merits.

  • Looks like Meeks will be seeing more box-and-one tonight.
  • Meeks' magic sweeps the SEC.
  • Meeks a marked man.
  • Straitpinkie has a UK-Vandy preview.
  • No Vandy players in the 10-man rotation from Kentucky.  That means you're doomed, Commodores.

Kentucky Football/Other UK Sports News

  • Making use of this FanPost, Track Em Tigers takes a look at SEC Rivalries.  I find it unsurprising (but a little frustrating) that Kentucky doesn't even make Tennessee's list.  Can't blame Vol fans, though.  At least Vanderbilt hates us a little.
  • A ranking of SEC football coaches.  Isn't it nice to finally see Brooks get a little bit of love?
  • Hmm.  Kentucky ranked last in the East in baseball?  Interesting, since some places have them nationally ranked and to finish no worse than fourth in the Eastern division.
  • Disrespect for UK football.  Well, until we start beating some people in the SEC, I can't blame him too much.  We won two games last year, and zero in our own division.  Those are the facts, and they are undisputed.
  • More disrespect from the Georgia Sports Blog, who can't even get his facts straight -- UK played exactly one FCS team -- just like the Bulldogs.  Thanks for the scheduling advice.  I'll forward it on to Coach Brooks, but I think I know what he'll say:  "That's bulls__t."

NCAA Basketball News

  • Pittsburgh takes down UConn in Hartford.
  • Courtney Fortson will be back at practice on Tuesday and may play against LSU on Wednesday.
  • Now the bubble talk is all about the Gators.  I'd be very surprised if they didn't make it, but their seed is likely to be a nasty one.
  • Around the SEC with the Clarion-Ledger.
  • Rush The Court has an interesting look at the correlation between wins and a spot in the field of 65.

NCAA Football News

  • Sam Bradford is comfortable with his decision to stay at Oklahoma.
  • I totally agree with this.  Step away from the hyper-regulation, NCAA.  There are some things that need to be addressed, and this is not one of them.

Other News of Interest