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Morning Newspaper for February 16th


Today's big news may be that Duke went down to defeat yet again last night, giving those of us who revel in schadenfreude at every Duke loss something to enjoy.  Miami also took North Carolina to the brink, but Ty Lawson managed to put the Tarheels on his back and drag them across the finish line.

That and more in today's news.

Kentucky Basketball

  • John Clay looks at who plays and why, and reaches the same ultimate conclusion I do -- we'll never really know why he plays some people and not others.  I'm getting to the point that I don't care who plays as long as Kentucky wins -- if they lose, then I care.
  • Another review of the UK-Arkansas game on Saturday.
  • Rock Top Talk looks at the road to the SEC Eastern Division championship.
  • Was Patrick Patterson's absence good for the 'Cats?  I don't think so, really, but you do have to say that the Wildcats stepped up and played pretty well, albeit against a very young Arkansas team without their best player. [Hat Tip:  Aaron's blog]
  • More Meeks love, combined with Gillispie criticism.  Still more here, even though he credits Meeks with 45 against the Gators instead of the Razorbacks.
  • UK Wildcat Country reviews the UK-Arkansas game, and what a great picture!
  • This blogger has his all-American team, with Jodie Meeks on the second team.  I am not convinced that Harden should be ahead of Jodie.  I watched Harden play the other day, and he is very good, but ...
  • ESPN Weekly Watch says Jodie is the POW.  They make a good case, and considering he was picked over likely shoo-in for POY Blake Griffin's best performance of the season offensively, you have to be impressed.
  • CHN also names Jodie as their Player of the Week.
  • More Meeks love, because I know that Kentucky fans never get tired of seeing love for the players.
  • Did you know that Meeks now finds himself alongside Dan Issel in another scoring statistic?

Kentucky Football/Other UK Sports

NCAA Basketball

  • This article says that John Pelphrey is an equal-opportunity disciplinarian.  Good for him.
  • March Madness All Season has the Road to Selection Sunday.
  • Save the Shield responds to the SEC Power Poll Round Table.
  • More talk about the Gators in trouble.
  • UNC escapes at Miami.
  • Virginia upsests Clemson.
  • Duke defeated by Boston College.  Parrish says that there is trouble Durham paradise.
  • Loyola of Chicago beats Butler at Butler
  • Gregg Doyel says he missed Pete Maravich, and you did, too.  No, Gregg, I didn't.  But I'm sorry you did.
  • Stephen Curry sprained his ankle, but has no serious injury.  Good news.

NCAA Football

  • agitates for Congress to "fix" the BCS.  I say keep congress out of college sports.  They have much more important things to do.
  • Team Speed Kills looks at the offensively offensive teams in the SEC who made a coaching change.
  • Mississippi State now has a blog on the SB Nation network, and has more on the Bulldogs getting beaten by Auburn this weekend.
  • Senator Blutarsky looks at another signing day kerfluffle.
  • Heh.

Other News of Interest

  • Fun was had at the NBA All-Star weekend.  Somehow, I missed it.
  • Alex Rodriguez apologizes to ... well, everybody, I guess.