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Afternoon Newspaper for February 12th


The big news of today would have to be the thumping North Carolina put on the Duke Blue Devils last night.  It's really too bad both those teams can't lose the same game, but life goes on.  More about this in the main section of the news.

The other big news is that South Carolina is apparently trying to make a legal case against Michael Phelps for the photograph of him taking a bong hit.  I wonder if this would happen if he weren't an Olympic multi-medal winner?

Now, for the rest of the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Patterson dodges bullet, injury not serious.
  • Anything but Gatorade reviews the Florida game.
  • Galloway got his chance against Florida and made the most of it.  Is this a trend, or just a spike on the strip chart?
  • More on Galloway.  It it my imagination, or is the press giving this the "He's been hiding in plain sight" treatment.  I think that's absurd.  He has played some, had some good games and bad games.  But what we don't see is how he practices, or what he does elsewhere.  I think that's important.

    Hopefully, though, we are seeing the kind of breakout I expect (to be fair, have been expecting for some time) out of Liggins any day.
  • More on the death of Daniel Orton's mother.  This has to be hard on the family.
  • A little French language review of the Gators and the Wildcats, for those French speaking readers among us.
  • Arkansas falls apart against the Auburn Tigers.  Just our luck.  Against UK, they will look like they did against Texas.
  • Donovan doesn't hold Calathes responsible for the loss.  Well, how the hell could he?  Without Calathes, the Gators would have been torn to shreds and sold for belts and boots.
  • Chris Fisher says that Patterson was in obvious pain.  No doubt that's true, and I agree that middle finger is giving him fits.  He was way, way off the other night.
  • Jodie Meeks described as a "one hit wonder."  Heh. [Hat Tip:  Aaron's blog.]
  • Patterson does not have a "high ankle sprain."
  • "Gator tail is best when it’s Kentucky Fried."
  • Tom Leach talks to Jodie Meeks and Nick Calathes.  Some other good stuff in there as well.
  • John Clay has ten thoughts about Tuesday's game.  Nine of them are interesting.
  • YES!
  • Seth Davis thinks everybody wishes they were a Dookie, particularly UK fans.  Seth Davis is probably the most disconnected from reality of any media figure I know of.

Kentucky Football News

  • How far are hoops programs from gridiron glory?  Well, I guess that depends on the definition of "glory."  To me, three bowl invitations and three wins are halcyon days, indeed.
  • The Walker brothers.  How special they will be.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Intentional Foul reviews the Duke-UNC game.  Briefly.  Don't watch the video, it makes no sense to anyone but the author.
  • Run with the Tar Heels at your own risk.
  • Xavier upset again.  Wake Forest too.

NCAA Football News

  • Tougher penalties for celebrating in college football?  I don't know, I think they may be carrying this thing too far.

Other News of Interest

  • Gary Henderson's new charges are strong up the middle, untested elsewhere, according to this article.  More on the Bat Cats in this article from Brett Dawson of the Courier-Journal.
  • Kentucky women's basketball has a team meeting.  After losing 5 out of six, it seems a good time.
  • Gregg Doyel thinks the new NBA H-O-R-S-E game will be cool.  I agree.  I also agree that the slam dunk contest is no longer cool, and I also agree with him.  I think they should change the rules so that you have to dunk on a 12' goal.  Now that would be more interesting.