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Morning Newspaper for February 11th


Kentucky passed a huge mid season test by the skin of Jodie Meeks' fingers last night, and thanks to Nick Calathes finally missing his first free throw at the time he could ill afford to do so.  Patrick Patterson's ankle sprain seems relatively minor, more about all this coming up.  But that win was a season-saver for Kentucky.

And now, the rest of the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • One prayer answered, the other, not.
  • On a fling and a prayer.  It was very good indeed to see so many people contribute.  Will this turn the 'Cats around?
  • Calathes can't carry the Gators to victory.  But he tried, oh how he tried.
  • Meeks shoots down Gators.
  • Said Donovan: "As we were shaking hands at the end of the game (Meeks) said to me, 'Coach I was really lucky tonight."  Donovan apparently didn't see the Hodge incident.  Neither did I until the replay.
  • The AJC ranks SEC coaching jobs.  See if you can guess who #1 is.  I think they largely got this right.
  • Magnificent Meeks.
  • UK historians have been waiting to exhale.  Eric Crawford says they can do so now.
  • Toughness turns the tide.  Damn Skippy we deserve a lucky shot.  Too many of them, lucky or just good, have beaten us this year.
  • Meeks beats buzzer, Gators.
  • Daniel Orton's mother passes away.  Our prayers are with Daniel and his family in this difficult time.
  • A great night to be a fan in Rupp.  I'm glad to hear this after all the Rupp Arena complaints I have been reading over at The Cats Pause lately.  I don't think this will be much consolation for such a loss.

Kentucky Football News

  • More about Kentucky commit Brian Adams.
  • More on 4* JUCO UK commit Chris Matthews.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Parker Executive Search to run Georgia's coaching hunt.
  • Travis Ford berates one of his players with profane invective which was overheard on national TV, and is forced to apologize.  Where did you learn that potty mouth, Trav?
  • The NCAA won't be considering conference RPI.  Good news for the SEC, I would say.
  • Marquette loses on the road to Villanova.

NCAA Football News

  • Paul Finebaum wants Lane Kiffin fired.  Heh.
  • Fulmer Cupdate.  I guess it no longer matters if he coaches, the Cup is the Cup.
  • Articles about Tebow with the word "focused" in them should be banned, and their authors deported.  There is such a thing as overuse, you know.
  • Oh schadenfreude, oh schadenfreude ...
  • Tips for surviving the off-season for college football fans.

Other News of Interest

  • Ex-Cat Jared Lorenzen signs with the Kentucky Horsemen in Arena Football.  Interesting.
  • Deadly tornados in the area yesterday.