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Morning Newspaper: Florida Gators Edition


Tonight, the Wildcats attempt to right their badly listing ship against the best team in the East so far this year, the Florida Gators.  This game promises to be a challenging one for Kentucky considering their recent struggles, as the Gators are certainly better than at least two of the three teams to beat Kentucky during their recent swoon.

Now, for the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Billy Donovan talks about playing the Wildcats.
  • Brett Dawson says some players would kill to have slumps like Jodie Meeks is having now.  Maybe, but the 'Cats need to get him better looks.
  • Mark Story dubs tonights game "Billy Bowl III."  Good grief, Mark, is that the best you can do?  But he is right that the stakes are much higher for Gillispie.  I hate to say it, but if we drop this game, the angst around the Big Blue Nation will go from grumbling to a mini-rebellion, and will become a definite distraction for the team and the coach.
  • The Gators say they are wary of Kentucky, and I think they should be.  But if UK cannot find a way to put the ball in the basket, the high-scoring Gators are looking good.
  • Gatorsports examines tonight's game from a Gator perspective.  I would be surprised if Florida plays a "matchup zone" against Kentucky unless it is a box and one.  The zone will make it much harder for Patterson to get good looks unless Kentucky is very patient.
  • Has UK-UF lost it's "sizzle?"  Maybe a little.  This game may look huge for the 'Cats, but that is more a measure of how poorly they have been playing of late than of any real repercussions nationally, or even league-wise.
  • Gillispie says the team is practicing well and has been all year long, but giving up three pointers is an obvious problem for the 'Cats that could kill them versus Florida.
  • This blog post kind of gives you an idea of where basketball ranks in the minds of Florida fans.  Two national championships have not changed Florida to a basketball school.
  • Gillispie says UK needs to play like A&M did when he was there his last year.  If only.
  • says that UK is as desperate for a victory over Florida as the Volunteers were recently.  I hope it works out as well for us as it did for them.
  • CHN on tonight's game.

Kentucky Football News

  • Jody Demling on UK football's Georgia pipeline.  Me likey.
  • Ryan Mossakowski's shoulder rehab is ahead of schedule.

NCAA Basketball News

NCAA Football News

  • Rock Top Talk has an interview with Bruce Feldman, author of Meat Market.
  • Lane Kiffin commits secondary recruiting violations.  Talk about your bad starts -- this guy may be setting a record.  First, he angers almost every coach in the SEC, and now this.
  • More politicians wanting playoffs.  Surprise -- they're from Utah.

Other News of Interest

  • UK campus to go smoke free, inside and out.