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Sunday Lunch: Super Bowl Edition


Today's big news, of course, is that it is Super Bowl Sunday, that wondrous time of the year when we watch one of the biggest sporting events in America.  Super Bowl XLIII (43) pits the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals.  Fans of these two teams should be sure to visit the SB Nation fan sites, Revenge of the Birds and Behind the Steel Curtain.

And now, for the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Gillispie is obviously upset at his team:

    "We had no answer (for Downey), and had nobody who wanted any part of him," Gillispie said. "He is a really good player, and played great today. Their guys followed instructions the way they were supposed to, and that is why they played tougher and smarter than us."

    Maybe so.  But I think the coach could use a little introspection, in my opinion.
  • Jerry Tipton has this article.  I'm not impressed with the "charge" trick Gillispie tried (again).
  • Gillispie calls out the players for a lack of toughness.  I'm not sure I agree, and Patrick Patterson's sure he doesn't.  I think Patterson has figured out that all the shot-blocking rotation is causing more problems than it solves.  This article also confirms that 3-pointer by Liggins irked the coach: "He played fine till the one shot," Gillispie said. "He was told to drive it today because they were taking away ball reversal."
  • John Clay accurately describes the sequence of events that cost us the game.  I'll add this -- 5 offensive rebounds in one possession that resulted in a basket.  John also gets the overrotation problem on defense, and the problem with the brain-dead nature of UK's game at the moment.
  • The State-Journal says that UK is closer to the NCAA bubble than a high seed.  I'd say they are about equidistant right now.  I guess a few snarky editorials are justified right now, though.
  • Anti-Gillispie rants are popping up all over the Internet.  Predictable.
  • Larry Vaught has his report here. [via Sidelines]
  • Rick Bozich says turnovers, not toughness, killed the 'Cats yesterday.
  • Tom Leach has thoughts.
  • Darius Miller likes being a Wildcat.  Miller played pretty well yesterday, I thought.  Except for the turnovers.

Kentucky Football/Other Sports News

  • Terrell Mitchell commits to Kentucky over Michigan.  Georgia did not offer him a scholarship.  Big get for Brooks & Co.
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has some signing day predictions.  Could the 'Cats come up with another?
  • Dermontti Dawson does not get elected to the Hall of Fame -- yet.
  • Chip Cosby details who's coming and going for UK next year.  I must admit, the Wildcats are looking pretty strong next year, but potentially scary in two years.
  • Jody Demling has more on the Wildcats' recruiting success.  UK's class currently falls in at 31 by Scout, and 42 by Rivals.  That's solid, and getting better every year.
  • West Virgina shows Louisville (and everyone else) why they are so tough.
  • Matt Jones shares his thoughts. 

NCAA Basketball News

  • Wake Forest goes down to Georgia Tech after upsetting Duke.
  • Washington defeats Arizona State.
  • Kansas State upsets the Longhorns.  Good for our RPI -- if only we could win.
  • St. Marys dropped by Portland.
  • Elbows flying in the Big Ten.  I do think sometimes officials get carried away on unintentional contact.

NCAA Football News

  • Lots of grudges being held in the SEC.
  • College football is outsourcing their recruiting work to private companies.  Interesting, but not surprising.
  • Why doesn't the NFL adopt the spread?  Here's one argument.

Other News of Interest

  • The ice storm of 2008 has hit Kentucky hardest of all.  Some say harder than the windstorm of 2007.
  • Kentucky calls out the National Guard.