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Hartford Hawks @ Kentucky Wildcats: Open Game Thread

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This is the official A Sea of Blue Open Game Thread for the Hartford Hawks @ Kentucky Wildcats basketball game tonight at 7:00 PM EST. Particulars are as follows:

Date & Time Tues., Dec. 29, 7:00 p.m
Coverage TV: ESPN2 Radio: BBSN
GameTracker GameTracker
Online Audio listen
Online Video via ESPN360
Location Rupp Arena Lexington, Ky.

Tonight is the last game of 2009 for the Kentucky Wildcats, and should represent the best start for a UK basketball team in 32 years, 14-0. That is a long while, and it is a very good feeling.

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What UK needs to do tonight:

  • Ratchet up the defensive intensity;
  • Move the ball well on offense;
  • Attack the offensive and defensive glass;
  • Defend the three.

What the Wildcats need to avoid:

  • More than 20% turnovers;
  • Not getting to the free throw line;
  • Playing "matador" defense, particularly on the perimeter;
  • Playing a game that lacks intensity, or shows they aren't taking the opponent seriously.

Kentucky should win this game easily, and anything less will be a big disappointment.

Projected score: Kentucky 95, Hartford 60.