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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- UK2K Becomes Reality

Obviously, most of the linkage and news today is all about Kentucky's 2000 wins.

Winning the race to 2000 was a very big deal, and has provoked lots of commentary about what it all means.  I think, from a fan standpoint, it means a lot more than it does in the context of college basketball.  Yes, it is a significant milestone, and I am extremely proud and gratified to be a fan of the team who accomplished it.

To tell the truth, I am even more happy about the way in which it was accomplished -- by the young Wildcats playing their best basketball of the season in front of a huge home crowd that cheered their every move.  Overall, it was a celebration of Kentucky basketball -- where we've been, where we are, and where we seem to be going.

Many non-UK fans will pooh-pooh the accomplishment as little more than a number, but that's fine.  For UK fans, this is a very big deal, and as much as anything, an opportunity to celebrate a great, undefeated start to the season.

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