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Drexel Dragons @ Kentucky Wildcats: Open Game Thread

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This is the official A Sea of Blue Open Game Thread for the Drexel Dragons at the Kentucky Wildcats tonight in Rupp Arena. Game particulars are as follows:

Date & Time Mon., Dec. 21, 7:00 p.m
GameTracker GameTracker
Online Audio listen
Location Rupp Arena Lexington, Ky.

Tonight, the Wildcats go for Blue2K, 2000 total all-time wins. That fact makes this game much more important than it might otherwise be. In addition, the Kentucky winning streak has a chance to hit 12 straight, which will eclipse the 1992-93 start of 11 in a row as the best start in recent history. The last time UK was unbeaten after 12 games was 1983-84.

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What I hope to see from UK tonight:

  • More defensive intensity, particularly from the guards;
  • Continued good ball movement;
  • More aggressive rebounding. I thought last game was a little off in that department;
  • Better play off the bench. The 'Cats need more contributions from our bench players, particularly defensively at the wings.

What I don't want to see tonight:

  • More bad turnovers. UK had 23% turnovers last game. That's too many;
  • The 'Cats not getting to the line. Last game FTA% was only 28.6%, and we average 41.4%. The guards in particular need to get to the line more.
  • Less than seven steals. Kentucky needs to steal the ball much more.
  • Matador defense. UK must become more aggressive defensively, and move their feet better.

Blue2K, baby. This is the one we have all been waiting for ... well, up until January 2nd, when we face the Cardinals. I hope to see the Wildcats improve every game from now on. Saturday's game was after a long break, so I understand that they needed that one to get back, but here's hoping to see an aggressive, strong effort against the Dragons.

Go, 'CATS!