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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Rich Brooks Edition

As most everyone has heard by now, Rich Brooks has been voted Coach of the Year by  No, it's not the AP or SEC, but it's still an honor and I think Brooks deserves it, especially considering having to start a freshman at quarterback for most of the season.

In other news, Mike Miller of Beyond the Arc says he wouldn't be averse to expanding the NCAA tournament.  Personally, I am fairly agnostic about the idea, but I do wonder when we reach the point of too much of a good thing?  If we expand the tournament much more, we are going to be allowing teams in that don't even have a winning record or a conference championship, and at some point there will be diminishing returns.

Then again, all these bowls don't seem to be a problem in football, because if they didn't make money, they woudn't exist.  I suppose I could always just ignore the first round of the tournament and start watching from the second round on if they expand.

And for those of you who are wondering, the Austin Peay Governors at the Kentucky Wildcats will be shown in Louisville and a few other Kentucky markets on Insight channel 2.  That's good to know.

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