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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Post-UConn Edition

We'll have a look back at the UConn game a bit later, but I just wanted to get you up to date on the news, which has lagged a bit due to the pace of the season and my busy schedule.

Obviously, most of this is hyperbole directed at John Wall, but it's always fun to read.  It pleases me no end to avenge the 2006 loss to the Huskies, even if the game was anything but a thing of beauty.

The news follows the jump.

  • Sprints Is Not Surprised that Tennessee Is Under Investigation // 12.10.09 - Team Speed Kills
    Team Speed Kills considers it an inevitability, and I suppose it is with all the secondary violations the team had to admit earlier this year. Is it just me, or does this look somehow like UT was running a brothel to aid their recruiting? I'm sure that's not the case, but if I were a late-night comedian, I would be having a field day with this.
  • Rush The Court " Blog Archive " ATB: John Wall is College Basketball
    John Wall (25/2/6 stls) scored twelve of the last fifteen points of the game for his team, and as our RTC Live correspondent Ballin is a Habit put it at the game, "Garden security should kidnap Wall and throw a Nate Robinson jersey on him. Who will know?"

    Heh. Indeed.
  • Rush The Court " Blog Archive " Morning Five: 12.10.09 Edition
    Memphis filed an appeal against the NCAA’s decision to vacate its 2008 season based on the Derrick Rose SAT scandal, even with the distinct possibility that the school could face a harsher punishment than currently imposed if they did so. We’re not really keen on the NCAA Committee on Infractions using this heavyhanded method of leverage to try to force schools to swallow their initial decision just because they said so. Memphis correctly argued that this creates a "chilling effect" for schools that wish to use their legal right to appeal, and even cited language from a 2001 case against UNLV to that effect. We’re starting to wonder if someone at the NCAA lost a lot of money on Memphis that season, because this is taking the appearance of vindictiveness.

    Indeed it is. Somebody needs to explain to the Committee on Infractions that they are making the NCAA look like Tomás de Torquemada.
  • " BBL: Wall wows a Madison Square Garden party John Clay’s Sidelines
    John Clay's Big Blue Links.
  • UK beats UConn as Wall takes over |
    Liggins at home

    UK sophomore DeAndre Liggins did not make the trip. He also did not travel to Mexico for the Cancun Challenge.

    What does this mean? I don't know.
  • John Wall is one tough Cat; late heroics lift Kentucky basketball past UConn 64-61 | | The Courier-Journal
    Jay-Z was nowhere to be seen. Spike Lee apparently was absent. There was no sign of Woody Allen courtside Wednesday night in Madison Square Garden. Still, "The World's Most Famous Arena" didn't lack for star power in the University of Kentucky's 64-61 win over Connecticut in the SEC/Big East Challenge.
  • John Clay: Big stage exactly where Wall belongs |
    And down low, the Huskies gashed Kentucky on the glass 26-14 in the first 20 minutes. The Huskies taught the Cats a thing or two.

    Ah, but the Cats showed they can be quick learners. Kentucky learned how to take a punch, even on the biggest stage, the one where they used to hold all those classic heavyweight fights.

    Just barely quick enough.
  • Dana O'Neil: Too much hype? John Wall is well worth it - ESPN
    If there was a halfcourt offense being run by either team, it was well-disguised.

    Truth, forsooth.
  • In crunch time, Calipari not afraid to go to the Wall - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball -
    You want a crazy statistic?

    Consider that Wall has played eight games and scored key points in the final minute to help win four of them. Some great college players will go entire careers without doing that. But Wall has already hit a game-winning jumper to beat Miami of Ohio, hit a pull-up jumper followed by free throws with 0.5 seconds remaining to force overtime in an eventual victory against Stanford, made two free throws with 4.3 seconds remaining to secure a win over North Carolina, and converted an I-can't-believe-he-just-made-that three-point play with 30.8 seconds remaining to beat UConn.

    If it sounds amazing, that's because it is amazing.

    If he sounds awesome, that's because he is awesome.

    I think he's said it all.