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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Cardinal-Stomping Edition

We don't want to see any of our opponents looking like this.(via <a href="">darkpatator</a>)
We don't want to see any of our opponents looking like this.(via darkpatator)

There has been much Sturm und Drang over a couple of UK players, including Patrick Patterson, coming down hard (stomping?) on the Cardinal logo at center court in Freedom Hall in the open practice the other day.  Naturally, some Louisville fans are incensed.

Well, I have seen UK recruits and U of L recruits do various things to the team logos in the Derby Festival Classic game, and little is said.  Frankly, I think this is much ado about nothing and if the Louisville fans want to refer to the UK team as "thugs" or blame it on Calipari's lack of discipline, I say go for it.  After all, it would be a shame if all that pent-up frustration caused some random UK hater to rob a convenience store at Uzi-point, or something equally unfortunate.

We're really sorry you're upset, though.  We thought it was all in good fun, and it's hard to say there was any harm done -- that Cardinal bird gets stomped on, run over and sweated on quite a bit during the season, so I'm pretty sure it was indifferent to the insult.

For the record, I invite fans of all opponents, especially Louisville fans, to come to Rupp Arena and stomp on our logo.  Wildcat fans are all about letting you vent your frustrations at the inevitable loss you will be suffering at our hands, and we really don't want any more psychotic fan behavior than absolutely necessary in the sports world. 

So if stomping on our logo makes you feel good, you have my blessing so long as you are wearing the appropriate footwear.  If it will help relieve the stress of your defeat, or allow you to puff your chests out for a short while, we're happy to oblige.  We here at Kentucky are communitarians, after all.  You can consider it our contribution to overall fan mental health, if you like.

The only retribution we will exact is on the court, where you will lose.

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  • TaxProf Blog: How the Tax Law Fuels the College Sports Arms Race
    Interesting look at how the current tax code for colleges fuels the college sports "arms race," and what could be done about it.
  • [SLIDESHOW] Cousins, Wall put on show, pummel Bulldogs 94-57 | The Kentucky Kernel
    “We had eight turnovers which isn’t enough,” Calipari said. “We have to have at least 11 or 12. If you have eight turnovers it means you’re not being aggressive enough. They laughed when I said that in there.”

    Well. Now there is a statement I never expected to hear from a coach. I'm sorry, but I have a little trouble with getting my mind around the idea that four more turnovers would have been better. The 'Cats looked "aggressive enough" to me.
  • Wall-to-Wall Action for Kentucky Wildcats at Freedom Hall
    Some interesting notes in here.
  • Cats roll up big numbers in flogging of UNC Asheville |
    Yet even with a proven hot hand, Miller turned down enough open shots to get a rebuke from Calipari easily heard around Freedom Hall. "Hey, Darius, shoot the ball!" the UK coach yelled.

    Now this, I agree with.
  • Cats put on a show at Freedom Hall |
    When re-living the moment with reporters afterward, Patterson shrugged at the suggestion that U of L's program might take offense.

    "If it does, it does," Patterson said. "If it doesn't, it doesn't. That's entirely on them."

    This tempest in a teapot is hilarious. I encourage any UK foe to come stomp on the UK logo at center court in Rupp Arena any time you feel like it. Help yourself. I won't be mad - I promise. You wanna burn a UK flag at home? Go ahead, as long as you aren't violating any ordinances.

    Just be prepared to bring it on the court. That's all we ask. Because UK basketball is about winning games, and symbolic loathing is meaningless.
  • | Chris Diggs - UK Fan | The Courier-Journal
    Kentucky's lines were absolutely dominated on both sides of the ball the whole second half. Tennessee worked at will. They opened up holes for Montario Hardesty, who rushed for 188 yards and three touchdowns, including the game winning scamper in overtime and gave Jonathan Crompton time needed to make crucial throws downfield to keep drives alive.

    This right here, folks, is what beat us on Saturday. Not bad calls. Not fumbles. Not bad plays. The team that wins 90% of the games in the SEC is the team that wins the battle in the trenches. UK was dominated, and they lost.
  • Kragthorpe takes high road out of town - Big East Blog - ESPN
  • Cats headed back to Music City?
    “Hopefully a nationally-known program like Miami or North Carolina would bring some excitement,” Ramsey said. “We feel like that’s a pretty good fit that would get the fans interested. And with it being unopposed in prime time, that would be a great platform.”

    Fair points. I know UK fans want a warmer bowl, but this is called, "paying your dues."
  • Who's next in line at Notre Dame? - ESPN
  • UK coaches should be glad they're not at Bama |
    Poll every member of the college football coaches' association. Would even one say coaching football at Kentucky is better than working at Alabama? Well, for reasons I'll explain, this week it is.

    “For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'.” -- John Greenleaf Whittier
  • UK notes: Freedom Hall wasn't filled, much to Cal's dismay |
    The UK coach noted that the game would have drawn 24,000 if played in Rupp Arena. Administrators can cite the greater revenue possible by playing in Rupp, thus making it more difficult to sell the idea of playing "home" games anywhere else.

    Nonsense. This team was by far the weakest team on the schedule to date, and it would not have drawn 24K at rupp. More like 22,500.

    You want to sell out freedom hall? Play a BCS school there, even a weak one. Also, try to keep in mind that major road construction in the Louisville area this year makes it really hard to get to and from Freedom Hall right now. That, and the poor quality of the opponent kept a lot of folks at home.
  • UK women are undefeated with defense |
    This story isn't getting enough attention. The UK women are good this year. Real good.
  • When In Doubt, Accuse Tennessee of Cheating « Over The Pylon
    Absolutely great column that makes some very convincing points (aside from the allegations of cheating):

    1. Being upset with your team when they are 7-5 beats the heck out of being upset that they didn't win six games;

    2. Being upset with a team that has had four winning seasons in a row beats the heck out of getting excited about the one or two winning seasons per decade, as in times past.
  • UK Football Fan: Bowl News Update
    Interesting. Is Shreveport better than Tennessee? Well, it's certainly warmer, but it's a lot farther.
  • Intentional Foul » Kids Love Stomping on the Louisville Cardinals Logo
    This is funny. And no way is the Freedom Hall game going to be "put on hold" for any length of time.  More likely, they will add games in Louisville.