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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- The Gates of Delirium

The flu bug has assailed the football Wildcats, and the prospect of watching John Wall finally lead the basketball Wildcats into battle has me delirious with both pleasure and pain.  It drives me crazy when so many players are hit with injury and illness all at once, and I suppose I should be thankful that we are not going into the Vanderbilt game this weekend.  But at the same time, it drives me nuts that we seem to wind up in this same situation every year at this time.  Maybe it's everybody, but it just doesn't  seem that way.

Moving on to basketball, UK welcomes John Calipari's alma mater, Clarion University, into Rupp Arena tomorrow night.  We'll have much more on that in due course, but I highly recommend this Jerry Tipton article (even to the anti-Tipton crowd), which has lots of great background on Calipari's time at Clarion, and how it helped shape him into what he is today.

I am a big fan of coaches playing their alma maters, particularly when they are small schools like Clarion.  It may not continue for Calipari, though, but I have to admit, I do like the practice.

Speaking of practice, how is that Dribble Drive Motion offense working out for the 'Cats?  About like Calipari predicted it would early on -- balls flying everywhere but in the basket, turnovers, etc.  It will get better, and when it does, this team will be really dangerous.

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