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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- UNC Asheville Edition

Tonight, the Bulldogs of UNC Asheville and the Kentucky Wildcats duke it out in Freedom Hall here in Louisville.  This is a game I usually attend, but will have to settle for TV tonight.  It should be interesting to see how the Wildcats rebound off a very near loss to Stanford at the Cancun Challenge last week, and this game represents the tune-up for the big boys from North Carolina -- Chapel Hill this Saturday in Rupp Arena.

This week, the 'Cats get a chance at a two-fer, to beat the University of North Carolina -- twice!

After losing to Tennessee in overtime on Saturday, the football team awaits their bowl fate.  As it turns out, an intriguing possibility has emerged -- the possibility that Kentucky and North Carolina will meet on the gridiron in the Music City Bowl.  From where I am sitting, that looks like a can't-miss scenario for the MCB -- two traditional basketball powerhouses who are rising in football.  I find myself hoping it happens, even though I would prefer a sunnier destination not named Birmingham.  But I'm afraid Saturday's loss made that unlikely.

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