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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Thanksgiving Edition

It's Thanksgiving day, and not really a time for much blogging.  I will shortly be leaving to pick up my father, but before I do, I wanted to wish a very happy Thanksgiving to all the members the A Sea of Blue community.  I am very thankful for all our members and readers, more than I can accurately express here.

Continuing with the subject of things I am thankful for, let me list a few of them:

  • My faith, friends and family.  They are the foundation of all I hold dear.
  • My countrymen and women.  This great experiment in a democratic republic continues to amaze me.
  • The men in women in uniformed service who defend our country from without and within.  Thank you.
  • Rich Brooks -- Brooks has helped restore my faith in the UK football program.
  • The football team, for believing in themselves, and in their teammates.
  • Duke University -- Without a foe to despise, life as a sports fan would be less fulfilling.
  • Patrick Patterson -- Not only a great player, but a great person.
  • The basketball team, for validating my faith in the program.
  • John Calipari -- The Tubby Wars and the Gilispie Strangeness are now finally in the past.  The UK community has returned to sanity, and it is good.
  • John Wall -- For being one of the best freshmen at UK I can remember, and for showing us what it is like to smile again during a basketball game.
  • Randall Cobb -- For keeping his word that he gave to UK when offered a chance to attend the school he really wanted to play for.  Also, for being the kind of player that made some of the best teams in the land jealous of Kentucky football.
  • Derrick Locke -- For redefining what determination looks like in the face of injury and lack of respect.
  • Matthew Mitchell -- for finally bringing stability to the UK women's hoops program.
  • Finally, to UK fans, for being the best fans any college team could have.

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