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Blogpoll Ballot -- Week 12 Draft

My blogpoll ballot has basically calcified in place as far as the top ten is concerned.

For the first time all year, the top ten did not change.  At this point in the season, many teams are either done or nearly done with their regular season, and with the exception of some rivalry and league championship games which could prove significant, there is not a whole lot of movement likely.  We do no that either the Alabama Crimson Tide or Florida Gators are going to take a hit, but I would be surprised if the Nebraska Cornhuskers found a way to challenge the Texas Longhorns in the Big 12 championship.

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Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Texas
3 Florida
4 Cincinnati
6 Boise State
7 Georgia Tech
8 Pittsburgh
9 Oregon
10 Ohio State
11 Iowa 1
12 Oklahoma State 1
13 Houston 3
14 Virginia Tech 1
15 Penn State 2
16 Clemson 2
17 North Carolina 4
18 Miami (Florida) 1
19 Oregon State 4
20 Southern Cal
21 Stanford 10
22 Nebraska 2
23 California
24 LSU 10
25 Brigham Young
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Wisconsin (#22), Navy (#25).


  • Who would have thought the Ducks would get this high after the first game of the season?  Not I.
  • A Texas loss to Nebraska or the Aggies could pave the way for Cincinnati or TCU to the BCS championship.  Another pre-season "Who'da thunk it?"
  • A collapse at the top still could happen.  Florida and Alabama both have big rivalry games, then they play each other.  Boise State still has a path to the BCS championship, although it is a long shot.
  • Could Georgia Tech leapfrog Boise State with a win over the Bulldogs next week?  I'm pretty sure the answer is no.  But if the Engineers defeat Clemson in the ACC championship, that no becomes a definite maybe, and you can bet some Idaho Congress critter or senator is gonna sue if that happens.
  • What if Alabama loses to Auburn and Florida loses to FSU, UC loses to Pittsburgh or Illinois and Texas drops a game to either the Aggies or the 'Huskers?  Can you say, "BCS buster?"
  • I think Georgia Tech and Alabama are playing the best football in the nation right now.
  • TCU is in a great spot right now.  With only 1-10 New Mexico left, they have a fair chance of backing into the BCS championship.
  • How far would an Alabama loss to Auburn or a Florida loss to FSU drop them?  Could one of them recover to the BCS championship by winning the SEC championship?  I don't know.
  • Michigan could really muck up rival Ohio State's hope for a big bowl.
  • How many games has Notre Dame lost by a touchdown or less?  All five.  Wow.  I can't remember ever seeing that before -- five losses, all by a touchdown or less.  Poor Domers.
  • LSU could drop to "Les Miles is in trouble" territory if they lose to Arkansas.
  • Whither Southern Cal?  Oh, there they are -- way down the poll.  How's that schedule thing working out for you, Pete Carroll?

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