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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 11


It's time for the SEC Power Poll for Week 11, and Alabama once again rises to the top both on my ballot, and in the aggregated totals, which are found at Team Speed Kills, as always.

For my part, I obviously think a little more of the 'Cats and a little less of Tennessee than other voters, but other than that, there isn't a whole lot of difference.  Alabama has pretty much cemented itself as the best team in the league with more or less consistent domination of everyone, while the Gators seem to be running into more difficulty of late.  The Tide takes on an FCS school this week (Wait--didn't we get heat for doing that from TSK?) in UT-Chattanooga, then finishes the season at detested in-state rival Auburn for the Iron Bowl, which is the Tide's biggest danger of a loss in a while.

Florida, on the other hand, gets two schools from in-state to finish off the season -- Florida International and hated rival, Florida State.  As with Alabama and Auburn, the possibility of an upset looms somewhat larger with the Seminoles.

My ballot follows the jump.

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS MoV PF-PA Next opponent Polls Comments
Alabama 7-0 10-0 8-0 53.66 20 309-109 UT Chattanooga 2,3,[2!] The Elephants are looking stronger every game, and they sat on the Bulldogs.
Florida 8-0 10-0 8-0 49.49 23.4 339-105 Florida International
1,[1!] Tim Tebow averaged 1.6 yards/carry? In 16 tries? Has Superman reverted to Clark Kent?
LSU 4-2 8-2 5-2 46.08 11.3 250-137 @ Ole Miss
10,8 LSU's offense could not offend anybody unless they wore the Confederate flag.
Georgia 4-3 6-4 5-4 50.94 1.6 275-259 Kentucky 33,41 Rambo wound up saving the day, and didn't even need his field knife. What a great name for a football player.
Arkansas 2-4 6-4 3-4 50.17 12.1 376-255 Mississippi St.
Man, Arkansas can really torch non-SEC cupcakes.
Auburn 3-4 7-4 4-4 46.79 7 374-297 Open 33,37 Wasted a great game by Chris Todd.
South Carolina 3-5 6-5 4-5 49.33 -0.1 227-228 Open

Garcia had 186 yards passing to Gamecock receivers, and 73 yards passing to the Gator defense.
Mississippi 3-3 7-3 3-3 37.92 15.2 311-159 LSU
30,31 Jevan Who? McCluster was the Vol's daddy. Maybe the Rebs should, you know, get him the ball more.
Kentucky 2-4 6-4 3-4 45.49 5.1 268-217 @ Georgia
The 'Cats looked in trouble early, but Locke and Cobb ran amok.
Tennessee 2-4 5-5 2-5 46.07 9.4 306-212 Vanderbilt

All the Vols saw was Dexter McCluster's hind parts. All game long.
Mississippi State 2-4 4-6 2-5 56.05 -0.7 245-252 @ Arkansas

On the receiving end of a good, old fashioned Pachyderm pounding.
Vanderbilt 0-7 2-9 0-8 43.3 -6.3 180-249 @ Tennessee

In the parlance of horseracing: Pressed the pace early, no factor late.

Additional comments:

  • Steve Spurrier still can't beat his old school.  I find that almost as hilarious as his streak against UK.
  • Alabama is like a broken record.  They just keep repeating the same thing every game, and it is devastating.
  • Georgia edged out rival Auburn, and that surprised me.  It also made me feel like our chances of an upset just improved marginally.
  • All I can say about the Vols is -- Toldja!  I thought they had a good defense, but it wasn't good against the Rebs.

Your comments are welcome, and encouraged.