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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Morehead State Edition

Tomorrow, we have the season opener against Morehead State University, a game I know that many of us have been really looking forward to.  Unlike the cannon fodder that was our exhibition teams, the Eagles made the Big Dance last year (unlike Kentucky), and impressed everyone with their gritty play versus Louisville.  These guys will be ready to give us a game, but we'll have more detail about that later.

John Clay has a video post up with John Calipari talking about the Morehead game, and the comment that struck me was, "This is not football.  In football, you lose your first two and you're out of the race for the national title.  That's not what this is."  Well, coach, all I can say is this -- going 0-2 may not put us out of the race for the national title, but you can believe me when I say it will give you (and us) a lot of headaches, nonetheless.  We have been there and done that, and we didn't like it.

Of course, Coach Cal obviously doesn't believe this is likely, and neither does anyone else with a brain.  But it is just a tiny bit over the top to downplay expectations that much.  That may work at Memphis, but this is not Memphis.

But just in case we have forgotten Gardner Webb and VMI, Bret Dawson reminds us that neither of those worthies were as good as the Morehead State team we are likely to see tomorrow, and they are.  But I am confident, and I think everyone else in the Big Blue Nation should be as well.

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