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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Early Signing Period Edition

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Today, the Big Blue Daily Mail asks the question -- is the early signing period a good thing, especially in light of the new restrictions on National Letters of Intent that forbid extra conditions being attached to the letter, a la addendums allowing recruits to get out of their commitment in the event of a coaching change?

Most coaches are in favor of course, and according to this article by ESPN's Andy Katz, some coaches think the new restrictions are no problem:

"If there is a coaching change, they can get out of it,'' Ohio State's Thad Matta said. "They always do anyway.

I think that's right.  Almost no school is willing to risk the negative recruiting consequences of not letting a recruit out of his NLI in the event of a coaching change.  And it's fairly obvious why coaches like the early signing period:

"I don't want to be on planes flying all over the place as the head coach during the season,'' Self said. "You want November recruiting to be done so you can have a leg up on the next year during the year.''

But it seems like the top recruits are not sold on the benefits of signing early, and aren't really interested in freeing up mercurial coaches to just coach:

"The top guys are realizing that they have the leverage to wait," said recruiting analyst Jerry Meyer. "And the guys who are not the top guys know that more opportunities can open up for them later. So, if you don't feel confident in where you stand, if you're not ready, it only makes sense to wait with all the coaching changes that occur and the springtime roster changes that occur."

I don't think you can blame these guys for feeling this way, and I think waiting is smart from the standpoint of a top recruit.  For the other guys, I think the early signing period makes much more sense, because it prevents them from being edged out of a scholarship by a really good recruit suddenly becoming available with no scholarships left.

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