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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Season Kickoff Edition

Well, what do you know, the basketball season has officially begun, but with a whimper rather than a bang.  North Carolina opened up last night against the Fighting Isaiah Thomases, and lo and behold, the Tar Heels were not even a shell of last year's team.  But of course, like UK, they are very young but very talented, and they will certainly improve.

The SB Nation UNC blog Carolina March has more, as does this News and Observer piece, about how the Heels did in their first outing versus an opponent that counts.  Of course, UK doesn't get a shot at a counter until later this week, but it will get here, folks.  Be patient.

Ohio State had a convincing 100-60 win over Alcorn State in a very efficient outing.  The Buckeys look to be a very interesting team, and unlike UNC and Kentucky, is loaded with less talent but much more experience.  Teams like Ohio State often make a lot of noise in March, and this team will bear close watching throughout the year.

#25 Syracuse was easily handling tiny Albany as I was going to bed, and Murray State was getting set to take on Cal, but that tip is past my bedtime.

After the jump, all the news that's fit for Wildcats.