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Morning Newspaper for January 9th

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I thought the BCS championship game was excellent last night, well played on both sides of the ball by Florida and Oklahoma when they weren't committing personal fouls or the officials weren't stopping the game for some unexplained reason.  It has to be a disappointment for Bob Stoops to be a bridesmaid so many times, but his record at Oklahoma just keeps getting better.  Sam Bradford throws a pretty, pretty ball.

Now, for the news:

Kentucky Basketball News

  • More about K.C. Ross-Miller's trip to Lexington.
  • We face a different Vandy team this Saturday than last year.  As long as Shan Foster isn't there, I'll take it.  That guy was ridiculous.  But make no mistake, Vandy has a solid team fully capable of beating UK.
  • This guy thinks the Gators will win the East.  I just don't agree.  Too young.
  • SEC teleconference quotes between Gillispie and Stallings.
  • Kentucky a tough test for Vanderbilt.  We need a loud crowd to urge UK into a drubbing of the 'Dores.

Kentucky Football/Other Sports News

  • Hartline won't be easy to oust as QB next year, according to Mark Story.  I have no opinion on how easy or hard it will be, but I do know he will have a lot of competition from Randall Cobb and others.
  • A bunch of complaints by Lisa H. about college football.  I agree with some, disagree with most, but the reason it's linked here is because the points to UK as an example of a school that should not have gotten a bowl bid.  Who would you replace them with, Lisa?  The rules are the rules.  True, I think UK needs to schedule tougher, and I think they will soon, but this complaint is just ridiculous.  No bowls for teams with FCS schools on the schedule? Do you want me to list all the bowl-eligible teams who played an FCS school?  That logic means that both Oklahoma and Utah should be ineligible, then.  Didn't think about that, didja?  Even Florida had an FCS game (Citadel).
  • Kentucky receives a few votes in the final polls.
  • Some football recruiting news from Straitpinkie.
  • UK women fall to Tennessee in a very close game.
  • Matt Jones says Micah Johnson will announce his intention to stay at UK today at 2:30.

NCAA Basketball News

  • March to Madness says that the Tar Heels will definitely not be winning the NCAA tournament, among other things.
  • California continues its winning ways.
  • Shawn Siegel of CHN has twenty random thoughts, all worth reading.
  • Morgan State beats Maryland.  Ouch.
  • Minnesota wins.  I thought Iowa really looked bad when I saw them in Las Vegas.

NCAA Football News

  • Bowls were well attended this year despite the bad economy.
  • More carping about Utah, this time directed at the AP.
  • BCS game a "...choppy, sloppy affair?"  There were a number of penalties which made it less than smooth, but I thought both teams played very well, overall.  Both teams moved the ball well, but the defenses were very stout.  Sam Bradford throws perhaps the most beautiful football I have seen in years.
  • A playoff would have been better?  Well, duh.  I just think these media types wanted a 55-45 game or some such, and they think because the defenses played well that there is something illegitimate about the game.  What a bunch of trolls.
  • I thought Bradford was great.  The Florida defense made him look a little more ordinary.  Both interceptions were just great plays, no way Bradford was to blame for either of them.
  • Gregg Doyel, a Florida grad, fails to give the Gator defense any credit.  A pity, that.
  • Texas fans enjoy a little schadenfreude.
  • Alligator Army's post BCS game comments.

Other News Items of Interest

  • Holy crap!  112-35?  Seriously?