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Morning Newspaper for January 8th

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Harvard University (yes, that Harvard) has beaten Boston College in basketball.  Does this mean that Tommy Amaker's efforts at Harvard (lowering academic standards for athletes and, according to this article, violating ncaa rules) are bearing fruit? 

And now, for news:

Kentucky Basketball News

  • The Loathsome Troll Jeff Goodman says that G.J. Vilarino will not help Kentucky.  I take that as good news, given his lousy record of getting these sorts of predictions right.
  • offers us this ranking of NCAA power forwards, and Patrick Patterson is in a predictable place.
  • Heh.  Katherine Miller, a junior at Vanderbilt, finds the men at that august institution to be -- well, for lack of a better term, girly-men.  Hat tip -- Beisner.
  • Kentucky's non-conference effort has been "pedestrian."

Kentucky Football/Other Sports News

  • Larry Vaught is now reporting the Micah Johnson/Facebook thing, plus some amplifying information.  It's looking more and more like #4 will be back in a UK uniform next year.  That's really great news if it pans out.  Via Matt Jones.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Rush The Court is aghast at the Harvard/Boston College result.
  • Tennessee comes up short at home against the Zags.  Rocky Top Talk has the skinny.
  • Do the Zags have their mojo back?  Maybe.  They sure looked good in overtime.
  • More douchebaggery from Seth Davis, but the rest of these guys make some sense.  But even Davis has a decent POY pick, probably because he's actually seen him play at least once.
  • Mike Miller says that Mike Montgomery has the Golden Bears playing like a real basketball team.  Monty is a really good coach, and Cal has no excuse not to be a better basketball program.

NCAA Football News

  • Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno of Georgia will enter the NFL draft.
  • Former UK coach Guy Morriss now the HFC at Texas A&M-Commerce.  It has been a long, long fall from coaching grace for Guy.
  • Athlon Sports analyzes the BCS championship game.  I don't know about y'all, but I'm pulling for the Gators.  Our friends at Saurian Sagacity also have thoughts.
  • John Clay says that Urban Meyer has the SEC's back.
  • Boston College fires their winning coach because he interviewed for the New York Jets' coaching spot.  I gotta say, this looks very stupid to me.  Maybe someone else can set me straight on why this was a good idea.

    Wait!  Gregg Doyel to the rescue!  Sounds convincing enough to me.
  • Alan at Over the Pylon is still reeling from Ball State's abuse at the hands of Tulsa.  Ball State had a great season, and just ran into a buzz saw.  I'm glad it was them and not us.
  • Crimson and Cream Machine has a good preview of the BCS title game from an Oklahoma perspective.
  • California Golden Blogs says UK didn't deserve a bowl bid.  Pardon my yawn, guys.  Didn't we prove we did on the field?  Thanks for the damnation by faint, faint ... faint praise.
  • CHN has a BCS title game preview.

Other News of Interest

  • Judge says "No" to new civil trial for Shane Ragland.
  • Chuck Hayes & Co. top Rajon Rondo & Co.