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Morning Newspaper for January 7th

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Vanderbilt is now on the horizon, and the beginning of SEC play.  Last year, Vanderbilt was the springboard for the Wildcats' amazing run through the SEC.  Will that happen again this year?

Now, for the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Patterson posterizes Earl Clark.
  • Matt Jones thinks Galloway has been strangely utilized this year.  He has a point, but I expect that to change during the conference season.  Exactly how, though, is anybody's guess.
  • Fans weigh in on conference season expectations.
  • Jerry Tipton discusses his ballot for the AP top 25
  • The 'Cats learned some lessons from the Louisville game, and most of them seem right.  I don't think we are going to have one scorer emerge, but more of a committee approach.  There are several who could be the guy on a given night, but we do need to make sure someone steps up.
  • UK Wildcat Country notices that Seth Davis has once again damned Kentucky with faint praise.  Embrace the hate, guys.  But he's right about one thing -- Seth Davis writes  as though he has never seen the subject of his pap play.  He is unquestionably the most incompetent national sports commentator in the business.
  • Chris Dortch does a Q&A about UK with Kentucky Sports Report.
  • Vanderbilt Sports Line thinks their road to the NCAA runs through Rupp Arena on Saturday.  And this is news?  Note to Commodore fans -- remember last year at Memorial Gym?  We do.

Kentucky Football/Other news

  • UK Football on the right track.  I was totally skeptical of the Brooks hire, and I was wrong.  I'm glad.
  • Victoria Dunlap is SEC Player of the Week for UK hoops.
  • Mark Wiedmer makes the case that SEC basketball is not as down as the national punditry seems to think.  I'm beginning to agree.
  • More Facebook Follies from Matt Jones at KSR.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Utah puts the hurt on the LSU Tigers.
  • Pelphries Piggies defeat the Longhorns.  Great game.
  • Purdue undone at Penn State.
  • Louisville had some aircraft trouble yesterday.  Airplanes and the Cardinals are not getting along real well this year.
  • Four questions for Dick Vitale.
  • Mike Miller notes that Pitt has never been ranked #1 before now.
  • Alabama drops a tough one at Clemson.  Clemson is very, very good if you try to play them up tempo.

NCAA Football News

  • Tulsa crushes Ball State in the GMAC Bowl.  How is it that GM can be in such dire straits financially and still have a bowl named after it?  I'm just glad that we faced ECU and not Tulsa in the Liberty Bowl.
  • The SEC continues to make the case that it is the best conference in college football.  I thought we settled this long ago ...
  • Tim Tebow gets more well-earned accolades.
  • Florida congressman wants to move votes to accommodate the BCS national championship game.
  • Mike Celizic is daydreaming again.
  • Oh, for God's sake.  Will this never end?

Other News of Interest

  • Steve Moss of WKYT picks his Kentucky Sportsman of the Year.  A good choice, too.