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Morning Newspaper for January 6th

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Time to move along to the SEC Season.  11-4 is not horrible for the OOC portion of our schedule, and even though we didn't manage to defeat many NCAA tournament-quality teams, we will have some chances from here on out.  Kentucky needs to make the best of that.

And now, the news:

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Louisville avoids a collapse against Kentucky.
  • 'Cats have reason for hope.  Story thinks UK's NCAA stock is up, and Louisville's is down.  But to be fair, Down from the Final Four is not far down.
  • Bozich talks to an NBA scout, about the dumbest form of basketball life on the planet.
  • Chris Diggs has thoughts about the UK-U of L game.  I join him in disagreement with the fans who argue Porter should have been up in Sosa's face.  Sosa took exactly the shot that you would want -- a beyond NBA-range three.  He just made it.  You wouldn't want to risk putting him on the line with 3 15-foot tries to beat you, or have him drive into the lane for a short shot.
  • Jody Demling reports that K.C. Ross-Miller is getting it done.
  • Mike Decourcy shares thoughts on the Wildcats with Larry Vaught.  DeCourcy is one of my favorites.
  • Lessons learned, the 'Cats move on.
  • NCAA Hoops Today has thoughts about UK-U of L.
  • Nice article featuring Josh Harrellson.

Kentucky Football/Other UK News

  • Checking in on the UK junior class.
  • The Bluegrass Reporter discusses the Liberty Bowl.

NCAA Basketball News

  • The Irish trip up the Hoyas.
  • Rush the Court has more Tubby Smith rumors as well as lots of other goodness.

NCAA Football News

  • Taking stock of the results so far in the bowl season.
  • John Feinstein urges the AP to vote Utah #1, arguing that no losses trumps one loss, regardless of the season's competition.  I think this argument is flawed, and if not, the AP (and Feinstein by extension) has only itself to blame.  Did they have Utah ranked #1 going into the bowl season?  No.  Frankly, this argument is a laugher, in my opinion.  You want a real championship?  Then you need a playoff. 

    In basketball, we don't reward a perfect season with an NCAA championship unless it includes the tournament.  There is no NCAA tournament in football, so you get what you get.  It's figure skating, no matter how you look at it.  He even suggests that BCS teams' alleged refusal to play Utah on the road is a reason to vote them #1.

    But the real reason, in the end, appears to be Feinstein's desire to stick it in the eye of the BCS.  Now there is a sentiment I can appreciate.  If he would just stick to that instead of hurting his case with all the other nonsensical things, I think I would have liked it much better.
  • Texas doesn't do nearly enough against Ohio State to be considered for the AP #1 vote.