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Morning Newspaper: "Go 'Cats, Beat the Cards" Edition


Today's morning newspaper will have articles on only one subject -- the game today versus our arch-rival Louisville.  There should be nothing else on a UK fan's mind right now, anyway.

So if you are looking for other news, check the newsfeed to the left.

Kentucky vs. Louisville -- Dream Game 2008

  • I remember when Pitino used to tease Mr. Wildcat.  But make no mistake, Mr. Keightley's spirit will be on the blue side of the bench in Freedom Hall today.  It's our first Louisville game without him.  And there was damn sure more than a "couple thousand" fans in Las Vegas when we beat the Mountaineers.
  • In case you haven't heard already, Ramon Harris is expected to be available.  That is very good news.
  • Notes from Gillispie's presser.
  • Gillispie and Pitino both play the psychology card.
  • Separating the pretenders from the contenders.
  • Cats must prove they can pass the road test.
  • Gillispie has faith in Darius Miller.  So do I.
  • Road gets tougher for the 'Cats.
  • Shot selection is hurting the Cardinals.  Let's hope they figure that out later -- much later.
  • UK-U of L matchups.  
  • A slightly more tongue-in-cheek look at matchups.
  • Keys to victory from the Courier-Journal.
  • A review of last year's game.
  • Gillispie says this is not just another game.
  • Bozich says Louisville needs this game more.
  • Will Meeks inherit the Hall?
  • Louisville claims the rivalry doesn't mean as much to them.  It should, but if they want to spin the game and lower expectations, I'm fine with that.