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Morning Newspaper for January 30th


The big news this morning is that even as what remains of western and central Kentucky tries to dig out of a massive ice storm, an even bigger one is forming near the Gulf that threatens to add more, perhaps much, much more, to the misery of those of us suffering from the effects of last week's weather.

But this is not a weather blog, but a Kentucky Wildcat blog, so we will get right to the real news, one item of which is yesterday's firing of Dennis Felton at Georgia.  For the rest, read on ...

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Rivals ranks 2009 recruiting classes.  Kentucky is #13.  Is it just me, or does that seem a little low?
  • John Gasaway of Basketball Prospectus, formerly of Big Ten Wonk fame, gives us his ''All-Underrated'' team.  You'll never guess which Kentucky player makes the list.
  • Mid-season coach firings are gaining momentum, according to this article and to Coach Gillispie.  There are upsides and downsides to this, I think.  It worked out well for LSU last year, and I suspect that's as much behind the Alabama and Georgia process as anything else.  If either falls flat, you may see this trend reverse itself.
  • Darrin Horn talks about coming home to Lexington.
  • Wildcats Thunder has a preview of the South Carolina game.
  • Matt Jones reports that Gillispie has been pleased with practice.
  • More on the firings in the SEC.
  • South Carolina is a determined and dangerous team.  Having just come off a loss where their opponent wanted it more, the Wildcats need to up their level of play.
  • Jason Brubaker lists the top ten SEC pro prospects.  How Hopson makes this list, I have no idea.  Meeks also gets a mention in Joey Whelan's top ten for the nation.

Kentucky Football/Other News

  • UK lands a JUCO running back from out west.
  • UK hoops falls to Florida.
  • Did you know UK's tennis team was undefeated?  Now you do.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Arkansas finally manages an SEC victory.
  • Minnesota takes down Illinois, and check this score -- 59-36.  36?  You'd think Alex Legion could score that many by himself.  At the half it was a close game, 22-16.  Yes, you read that right.  Yikes.  Illinois shoots 29% for the game, 12.5% from the 3-point line.  Minnesota smoked the nets at 40% for the game, 25% from 3.  And you thought UK has played in some ugly ones lately.
  • Gonzaga gets by St. Marys.
  • Washington State upsets Arizona State.
  • The SEC is struggling with youth.  I expect to see a much tougher league next year, but this year, youth and a lack of impact freshmen are killing it.
  • Did ESPN doctor the footage of Houston's Aubrey Coleman stepping on Arizona's Chase Budinger's face?  It's an ugly accusation.  I think Penders needs to demonstrate some kind of evidence, or shut up about it. [via Mike Miller]
  • Mike Miller at Beyond the Arc says that SEC coaches shouldn't get too comfy.
  • Matt Jones reports that the Orange Revolution may be coming to Kentucky.
  • The University of Alabama student paper says that Ronald Steele's departure was ''lethal'' for the Tide.
  • Kyle King responds to the firing of Dennis Felton.

NCAA Football News

  • Heh.
  • National signing day is coming fast.
  • More Lane Kiffin fallout.  Man, this guy is making more news than Billy Gillispie, and he hasn't coached his first game.  And then there's this.  Oh, dear, I'm just appalled.

Other News of Interest

  • The case for Division II.  I didn't know there was a moratorium on Division I membership, but apparently that went into effect last year.
  • Kentucky residents will wait at least a week for power.  That could get longer if this storm tracks further west than current models indicate.
  • Need a kerosene heater or generator in Kentucky?  Good luck with that.
  • Legal Schnauzer compares Dave Stengal to Mike Nifong of the famous Duke Lacross debacle in the case of the indicted Kentucky high school coach.