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Morning Newspaper: VL edition


That's right, folks, this is the Victory Liberty edition of the Morning Newspaper, and I must admit, I am still a bit giddy about this game.  What a great job by the coaching staff in the second half motivating the defense to play one of the great defensive games ever by Kentucky.  ECU scored only 3 points and never seriously threatened otherwise.

And now, for the news:

LIberty Bowl News

  • UK rumbles to victory in the arms of Jenkins.  Isn't it fitting that Kentucky's season was bookended by defensive linemen running for long touchdowns?  That stiff-arm that de-mouthpieced and almost de-helmeted Pinkney will never be forgotten.
  • Three guys talking about the NFL draft.  We sure will be a lot better next year if they stay.  For my money, Lindley is the only one who should seriously consider it.
  • Cats finish like they started.
  • UK wins a wild one.
  • Brooks surpasses Bear Bryant's record at Kentucky in one respect -- ending three seasons in a row with wins.
  • Pirates singing the Beale Street blues.
  • Liberty Bowl facts of interest.
  • Four years ago, Brooks sold a recruiting class on the future.
  • More Liberty Bowl notes from Jody Demling.
  • Give me Liberty ...
  • Hartline delivers for the Wildcats.
  • FakeGimel reviews the Liberty Bowl.
  • Major link roundup from

Dream Game News

  • Five of the last ten meetings have been upsets, according to this Bleacher Report piece.  Is this good news or bad?
  • Gillispie thinks UK may have turned the corner on turnovers.  See JLeverenz analysis just below for numbers supporting this thinking.
  • Tom Heiser says he will take the Cards and six points.  I think he is way too offhand in his dismissal of Kentucky's performance in Las Vegas, and gives  too much credit to MIami.  But in all honestly, he is right about one very important thing, if possibly nothing else -- the Cardinals have better personnel overall.  Not individually, but top to bottom, they definitely do.
  • Samuels needs to be a fast learner when it comes to the UK-U of L rivalry.

Other UK News

  • Miller's growing pains nothing new.
  • Walking on to Kentucky and realizing a dream.

NCAA Football News

  • Ole Miss ends season with a bang.  Congratulations to the Rebels.
  • Utah takes down 'Bama, makes case for #1 as the nation's only undefeated team.
  • What will the BCS title game really prove now?

NCAA Basketball News

  • South Carolina takes out #20 Baylor.

Other News

  • Kelenna Azubuike continues to improve.
  • Eric Daniels and Joe Crawford in top ten in NBADL scoring. [hat tip:  FortyYearCatFan]