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Morning Newspaper: "I don't wanna wait in vain for your love" Edition

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Some of you familiar with the 1980's group The Eurythmics or Bob Marley will recognize the Annie Lennox Bob Marley lyric in our lede this morning.  Kentucky has been waiting in vain for the love of the Associated Press voters for what seems like an eternity.  Today, it will almost certainly end, at least for the nonce, and a great sigh of relief will wash over the Big Blue Nation.

And now, the news.


Kentucky Basketball News

  • A blast from the past:  The Stomp, remembered -- this time with Chase Budinger cast in the role of Aminu Timberlake.
  • UK Wildcat country looks at the Alabama game.
  • Ramon Harris will not practice today and will undergo further tests.  We all hope the news is good.
  • I'm getting sick of hearing this meme.  So the SEC is down.  Nobody asks this question about North Carolina when the ACC is down.  Good grief, enough is enough, already.
  • A Kentucky fan in Alabama gets to see the game, and blogs about the experience, including a nice pic with Patrick Patterson.  Congrats, Collin, and thanks for supporting the Big Blue down in Tide country.
  • Rick Bozich blogs some Player of the Year chatter.  In all honesty, Jodie Meeks is not going to win this.  The press have invested way too much in Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry and Tyler Hansborough.  They will not allow that investment to be for nothing.

    I do think Jodie is the odds-on favorite for the SEC POY, and he may win some minor national POY honors.  But the Wooden award will not go to him unless he averages 30+ a game from here on out and the 'Cats get to the final eight.  It is possible, but it is a very long shot.

  • Straitpinkie has an interesting (and somewhat disheartening from a fan standpoint) [Note:  Senior moment.  I forgot Patterson was just a sophomore! -- Ed.] piece about Patterson, who according to a report, is on pace to graduate in 3 years.
  • Wildcats Thunder has an Ole Miss preview.

Kentucky Football/Other News

  • Kentucky football picks up a sleeper out of Memphis.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Travis Ford gets his first taste of the OU/OSU rivalry.  But as we all know (and as Travis points out), bitter rivalries are nothing new to him.
  • The Cards defeat Syracuse.  They are definitely on a roll.
  • Minnesota escapes Indiana in Bloomington.  The Daily Gopher has much more.
  • Florida crushes Vanderbilt.  Looks like payback for last year.
  • Huggy-Bear's 'Eers get boxed by Pittsburgh.  Looks like the Panthers have rebounded nicely from their close loss to the Cardinals.
  • Michigan State holds off Ohio State.
  • The Hall takes down the Hoyas.
  • Rush The Court has some bracketology.  He currently has UK at a 5 seed.  No way it's that low if we win the SEC.  Tennessee one of the last four in?  I doubt that.
  • More on the 2009 version of The Stomp.

NCAA Football News

  • Crimson Tide players fare well in the Senior Bowl
  • Get The Picture offers us a morning buffet.
  • Red and Black Attack is already ranking the MAC.
  • Team Speed Kills appreciates Mohamed Massaquoi.  Great player, that guy.

Other News of Interest

  • Students rally around indicted football coach David Stinson.  I will say that Commonwealths Attorney Dave Stengal had better have an iron-clad case, or this could mark the death-knell of his career as a prosecutor.  But if he's right, this could make him a star.  Pete Holiday examines the issue over at Roll 'Bama Roll.  Matt Hinton also has his take on the subject here.  Matt used to write for SBNation.
  • The coach of the team that beat another by 100-0 was fired yesterday.  I don't know if that was the right thing to do, but the man appears to be to be so tone-deaf it's hard to defend him.  Did his actions violate the Golden Rule and any reasonable definition of ethical behavior?  You bet.