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Morning Newspaper for January 24th


Today is game day and the foe is the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Kentucky has now reeled off four SEC victories in a row to lead the conference, and people around the country are wondering just how good the Wildcats are.  Today's game is the pivotal contest so far this year, as it represents the gateway into the top 25 for the Wildcats.  Win this, and they are most likely in.  Lose, and they won't be.

Now, for the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Will the Tide play harder without Ronald Steele?  Gillispie seems to think so.
  • Alabama coach Mark Gottfried impressed with Jodie Meeks.  Who isn't?
  • The much-awaited Matt Jones interview with The Loathsome Troll Jeff Goodman is here for those who haven't seen it.  I happen to think Matt gets much the best of the debate, and Goodman is essentially reduced to defending himself with, " ... in my opinion."  TLTJG asserts that UK could not beat Pitt more than once at a neutral site in a ten-game series.  I find that absurd -- I have seen Pitt play several times, and while they would most likely get the best of a ten-game series, "in my opinion" there is no way Kentucky loses 9 of ten.  Goodman is clearly credulously devoted to the, "Big East is the best conference in years," narrative of the mainstream sports media.
  • Alabama just wants to contain Jodie Meeks, not stop him altogether, a feat they apparently consider impossible.
  • Bret Dawson's article in the Courier-Journal about the game today.
  • The Tide really needs this victory today, according to the Huntsville Times.  I hope the 'Cats realize they really need it also.
  • Mark Gottfried remembers how hard he tried to convince Jodie Meeks to come to Tuscaloosa.  More on the subject here.
  • Perry's progress.  Perry Stevenson's newfound assertiveness has been very valuable to Kentucky.  Here's  hoping he arrives in Tuscaloosa with a sour disposition.
  • Mark Gottfried is feeling the heat.
  • The development of Jodie Meeks.  I like the fact that Meeks says he is not afraid of failure.

Kentucky Football/Other Sports News

  • Bill Keightley has been joined by a friend.  Nice read.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Pat Dooley tries to answer the question,  "Why is the SEC struggling?"  I think he has a couple of good points here about coaching and a lack of impact freshmen.  A lot of that will shake itself out after this year.  Underachieving coaches in this league are due to be freed up to explore other opportunities, and we have several of them who are running out of rope.  He also laments the youth of SEC squads, another good point.

    He concludes the SEC will be back, and he's right.

  • College basketball's must see Saturday.  The Memphis at UT game is a biggie for the SEC (Go, Vols!).  UConn @ Notre Dame is another good one.
  • Mike Jarvis suspended for 3 (or 4, depending on who you ask) technical fouls.  He must have been pretty angry.  Deadspin pours a little salt in the wound for good measure.
  • Commenter ShagOnSports gets quoted by Gabby at March To Madness.  Gabby runs the Basketball Blogpoll.

NCAA Football News

  • College quarterbacks in the Senior Bowl are going to be working hard to impress the NFL scouts.
  • Get The Picture has a buffet of SEC football news.
  • Cheerleading for the Utah AG's investigation of the BCS.

Other News of Interest

  • Findlaw analyzes the legal ramifications of Louisville Pleasure Ridge Park football coach David Stinson's indictment for reckless homicide.  A high school basketball coach blogs about the charges, and has some interesting comments.  Kevin Gleason looks at the lessons learned by the tragedy.
  • Jody Demling has the Laurel County Hoopfest schedule.