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Morning Newspaper: 4-0 in the SEC Edition

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Yeah, I'm happy this morning.  It may only be briefly, but today, UK finds itself on top of the heap in the SEC with a team that looks capable of going the distance, and finding itself back where tradition says the 'Cats belong -- at the top of the conference.  This is a good feeling.  It seem like it has been a while.

And now, the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • John Clay has ten very interesting notes on Sidelines about last night's game.  I thought 18 rebounds was a career high for Patterson, but now I know for sure.
  • Meeks montage over at Tom Leach's blog.  You gotta take a peek at that.  It will definitely get you ready for work this morning.
  • Oh, groan.  "Bruise" in a lede.  But Patterson truly is a beast on the basketball floor.  No, he doesn't make excuses about his hurt finger, but he dropped several balls and missed several shots that normally would never have escaped.  That finger is a caution to him right now.
  • More Patterson beastliness.
  • If ever there was proof that Porter needs to take open shots, this is it.  Maybe he's under orders from Gillispie, I don't know.
  • "It was like a demon just took over (Kentucky)," Barrett said. "You could basically tell they said they're not going to lose on their home court. They locked up and came out and played great defense." 

    If you don't love quotes like this from opponents, you might be a Louisville fan.
  • Game recap from Kentucky Sports Radio.  Seems the fans once again expressed their displeasure at Liggins not staying in more by booing.  My opinion, besides the obvious chagrin at boos directed at UK players -- Porter has been playing so well, a bad game should be expected now and then.  Be happy, UK fans -- Liggins will get there (I hope).
  • Louisiana Supreme Court dismisses a defamation lawsuit brought by Glynn Cyprien against Louisiana Lafayette.  Jerry Tipton blogs the subject.

Kentucky Football/Other Sports News

  • Updated Wikipedia entry for Kentucky.
  • This was linked below in the FanShots, but it deserves a link in today's news as well.  I think RB would approve ...
  • Morgan Newton is Mr. Indiana Football.  And he was wearing a Kentucky jersey at the award ceremony.  I like this guy already.
  • Clay Travis has a different take on the Rich Brooks Edition F-150.  Jealous, much?  Even more here.  Gotta love the publicity.

NCAA Basketball News

  • The Gamecocks out-dueled the Gators.  Garnet and Black Attack has an excellent recap on the game.  Orange and Blue Hue has thoughts.  It seems that turnovers were a problem for the Gators as well.
  • LSU crushes Mississippi State.  Wow.
  • TSIB says that Scotty Hopson is playing better.
  • North Carolina defeats Clemson.  Fellow North Carolina school Wake Forest falls at home to ... Virginia Tech?
  • Scary scene for George Mason fans.
  • UConn takes out Villanova.
  • New Jersey Tech wins!  Michigan State does not.
  • Minnesota loses a player to academics.

NCAA Football News

  • Florida the leader in producing BCS football recruits.
  • Career path still difficult for black football coaches in Division I.  No mention of Joker Phillips.
  • Heh.
  • Yet another [insert head coach here] Effect.

Other News of Interest

  • MTV liveblog of Kentucky's American Idol contestants.  Read it if you must.