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Morning Newspaper for January 20th


Today, the Big Blue Nation is getting over it's disappointment for not being included in either of the two main top 25 clubs, despite getting a few votes in both.  It's now time to prepare for Aubie and the Auburn Tigers' visit to Rupp Arena tomorrow night at 9:00 PM.  Another late game for all us early risers.

And now, the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Mark Story nominates players for mid-season "awards."
  • Matt Jones covers the weekly SEC teleconference.
  • Meeks moves to the top of the Rivals power rankings as a 2 guard.
  • Rasheem Barrett, former teammate of Jodie Meeks in AAU ball and now Auburn guard, says he can hold him down to two points -- tongue firmly in cheek.
  • A rather strange-reading article by Jerry Tipton.  The "green man?"  Maybe it's just me, but this reads like some kind of horror novel.  I started looking around my desk for the "green man" as though he might ooze up my leg and enter my brain through the ear.  Weird.
  • Jodie Meeks got a warm, Big Blue welcome down in Georgia.
  • Jodie Meeks has a Tennessee connection.
  • UK Wildcat Country thanks the coaches who voted in the coaching poll for the motivation.  Hey, I like his thinking.

Kentucky Football/Other UK Sports News

  • Chris Diggs says UK has another linebacker commitment in Ryan Mosby.  He was being recruited by some very good schools.  More here.
  • The College Baseball Blog interviews Gary Henderson, the new UK head baseball coach.
  • A Deuce Finch decision near?
  • Shawn Siegel of CHN says UK is a nine seed right now.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Pittsburgh takes out their Louisville frustration on Syracuse.
  • Tennessee takes on Vanderbilt tonight in Nashville.  This is a big rivalry game, and we will find out if Tennesse has found some answers to the problems Kentucky exposed last week.
  • Jim Harris says that the Razorbacks'  problem is -- turnovers, and perimeter defense.  Hmm.  Sounds vaguely familiar to me ...
  • The Clarion-Ledger says the SEC is not getting a lot of love in the polls right now.  Ya think?  Also, Bruce Pearl noted that personnel changes have been a big challenge for UT this year.  Gee, who would have thought that would be the case?
  • The Gators return to the top 25.
  • Some bad blood between Syracuse and UConn women's team.

NCAA Football News

  • Senator Blutarsky blogs about some difficulties the mainstream media has when trying to navigate the muddy, turbulent waters of the blogsophere.
  • Former Crimson Tide coach Mike Shula speaks to the media for the first time about his firing.
  • The Saban Effect.  Darn, and I thought the Gillispie Effect was sooo original.
  • Bucknuts takes issue with Brian Hartline's decision to go pro.  This is a very good read.  Plus, they thoughtfully link A Sea of Blue.

Other News of Interest