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Morning Newspaper for January 19th


After validating the win over Tennessee with a road win over Georgia, Kentucky is preparing for an improved Auburn team on Wednesday in Rupp Arena.

The big question of the day -- will the big road win over Tennessee combined with the road win over Georgia be enough to propel the 'Cats into the top 25 for the first time since the pre-season of last year?  We'll know soon enough.

Now, for news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • [New] Jerry Tipton submits his AP Ballot.  Will UK be on it?  Read his blog and see.
  • Don't count out the SEC:
    "There's some envy out there because they can point to a lot more years where we've had the best league in the country," Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings said. "They probably want to take their shots while they can get them in, and they need to because it's not going to last for long."
    Word.  Trent Johnson also has some nice words for Jodie Meeks.
  • I knew this was bothering Patrick.  His shooting motion is off, and his touch is not what it normally is.  It has been obvious for the last two games.
  • Nice Larry Vaught article underlining what a good teammate Patrick Patterson is.
  • When your coach says this ...
    "I saw a million things I liked today," UK Coach Billy Gillispie said.
    ... you know you are doing something right.  UK may not have been awesome on offense, but their defense was terrific.
  • UK's cheerleading squad win their 17th national championship.  That and more from Matt Jones this morning.
  • I love this lede from the Memphis Commercial-Appeal:
    Meeks 'held' to 22 as Kentucky romps past Georgia
  • Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star says to keep an eye on Kentucky.
  • The Wildcat Whisperer has thoughts about the game Sunday.
  • UK Wildcat Country thinks UK belongs in the top 25.  It could happen, but I'm not betting on it.
  • Chris Diggs thinks that teamwork is responsible for Kentucky's rise.  I think he has a point.

Kentucky Football News/Other UK Sports News

  • UK Hoops falls to Mississippi State, 52-45.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Uh-oh.  One of Pelphrey's players was caught behaving badly.
  • CHN wonders if anyone other than a Big East or ACC team can win the tournament.  I say sure -- Oklahoma for one.
  • Dick "Hoops" Weiss takes the NCAA to task for their decision to prevent college coaches from attending April weekend tournaments.  I think Hoops has this exactly right.  Rather than reducing the seediness of the recruiting game, it will enhance it by making middlemen, often with an agenda, more valuable.
  • Minnesota falls to Northwestern.  I had a feeling the Gophers, who have been getting into deep, early holes lately, were due for a letdown.  This is not a bad loss, however, as Northwestern is better than usual and is still a top 100 team, and it was a road game for the Gophers.
  • Mark Bradley at the AJC says Felton should be replaced.  I suspect this is highly likely.  More here.
  • Alex Legion is getting more comfortable with the Illini.  I watched the MSU/Illiniois game, and legion had a hot streak there for a few minutes.  He still plays lousy defense, if you ask me.  But he can shoot the ball.  You can tell by his comments that all he thinks about is shooting.
  • Katz has Jodie Meeks as his Player of the Week.  Well, duh.  Who ya gonna put in there after he breaks a 39-year old scoring record at the most storied basketball program in America?  Calathes, Teague, Terrence Williams and Blake Griffin get honorable mentions.

NCAA Football News

  • Gregg Doyel takes Pete Caroll's side after Caroll blasted USC quarterback Mark Sanchez for entering the NFL draft.
  • Still lots of noise being made about an early signing period.  I think it's a good idea if it's properly implemented.

Other News of Interest

  • Kentucky takes out Tennessee in high school border war.
  • Joe Heme's top 5 NFL running back draft picks.
  • NCAA's alcohol advertising policy "conservative and restrictive?"  Apparently not.
  • A new pro football league?  Apparently so.