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SEC Basketball Power Poll: Week 2


Week two in the SEC Power Poll saw some interesting things happen.  Kentucky reasserted itself as a potentially dominant player in the league by defeating Vanderbilt at home and Tennessee on the road.  Mississippi State knocked off giant-killer Arkansas in Fayetteville and defeated Alabama at home.  A bit of drama, and some of the kinds of inconsistency that we have come to expect from a young and largely rebuilding conference this year.

So how did A Sea of Blue vote?  Here is the ballot:


Last week School This Week Delta Direction
1 Tennessee 1 0 NC
3 Kentucky 2 1 Arrow_up_medium
2 Florida 3 -1 Arrow_down_medium
6 Vanderbilt 4 2 Arrow_up_medium
5 South Carolina 5 0 NC
4 Arkansas 6 -2 Arrow_down_medium
10 Mississippi St. 7 3 Arrow_up_mediumArrow_up_medium
8 LSU 8 0 NC
9 Mississippi 9 0 NC
7 Auburn 10 -3 Arrow_down_mediumArrow_down_medium
11 Alabama 11 0 NC
12 Georgia 12 0 NC

Now, I can fairly hear the shock that UK did not leapfrog Tennessee to the number one spot.  The reason is, my formula for calculating the poll is quite conservative.   UK has still not received the first vote in the beauty contests and Tennessee has been getting them all year.  Not only that, but BBState still ranks Tennessee higher than Florida and Kentucky.  Ken Pomeroy now has UK ranked higher than Tennessee or Florida, but Kentucky also lags behind both UT and Florida in the RPI calculation.

Hence, Kentucky is #2 this week.  Will that change next week?  Probably.  After all is said and done, I expect UK to get a significant number of votes in the AP and coach's poll, which should put them over the top.  But if so, it will only be by just a little bit.

You can find the aggregated resluts of all the voters in the SEC Power Poll at Garnet and Black Attack.