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Morning Newspaper, Tennessee Volunteers Edition

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It's Tennessee Tuesday today for the Kentucky Wildcats.  The 'Cats and the Vols tee it up tonight as part of ESPN's "Big Tuesday," and a big game it is indeed.  Unfortunately, it is a late one also, tipping off in the 9:00 PM time slot.  So if you have to get up early tomorrow morning, catch a 'Cat nap before the game and get your Blue and White on.

And now, the news:

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Patrick Patterson dealing with minor finger injury.  It is on his shooting hand, which makes a big difference.  Hope it's better by tonight.
  • UK-Tennessee pre-game notes.
  • Gillispie thinks Tennessee's defense is fine, according to the Courier-Journal.  Well, what the heck is he supposed to say?  Gillispie isn't exactly making a name for himself as the straight-talker of college basketball these days.  Tennessee's weakness has been their half-court defense, and everyone, including Pearl, can see that.  They have been able to overcome that deficiency most of the time.
  • More Tubby Smith love.  As much of a Smith supporter as I am (and trust me, I am), I must admit that this constant parade of, "Look how well Tubby's doing!" articles are getting on my nerves.  Not that anyone will care.  I'm sure the Golden Gopher fans are glad to see them, so there you go.
  • Pearl says it will be Patrick Patterson vs. Wayne Chism tonight.  Chism is a fine player, but if Patterson is at his best, the Volunteer forward will be in for trouble.
  • Some future UK player news from Jody Demling.
  • Scotty Hopson says he is excited about tonight's game, and Bruce Pearl is hyping Perry Stevenson.
  • UK #2 in the SEC according to The Sporting News, according to Rick Bozich.
  • UT assistant Steve Forbes lights a fire under Bobby Maze.
  • More on the UT-UK game from Jerry Tipton.
  • Matt Jones blogs some Big Orange loathing.
  • This is just wrong.  What some people won't do for attention.
  • Joel at Rocky Top Talk looks at the stats for tonight's game.

Kentucky Football/Other News

  • Jeremy Jarmon will return next year.  Good news.  UK's defense just keeps getting better as players decide to come back.
  • Wildcats named to "All-Bowl" teams (via Catsinsider).  Plus, the Liberty Bowl was rated the 11th best bowl by

NCAA Basketball News

  • Louisville defeats Notre Dame in Freedom Hall.  Louisville just ran the thinner Irish out of gas.  Classic Pitino ball game.
  • SEC mid-season basketball review from CHN. 
  • More on the "SEC is down" meme from Mike Miller at Beyond the Arc.  This is getting a little old to me, and I expect some of the younger teams to really step up in February and March.  We will see.
  • Blake Griffin and the Sooners flatten Texas.  Oklahoma is tough, and we sure could use Weird Willie on our team.

NCAA Football News

  • Apparently,Gene Chizik is gradually calming the initially stormy Aurburn waters after the Tubberville debacle.
  • More calls for a football playoff.  I used to be one of these.  I have learned that it is not forthcoming anytime soon, so perhaps we just need to learn to love the BCS for a while.
  • Steve Spurrier banned from recruiting at a high school.  Well earned, in my opinion.

Other News of Interest

  • Tony Dungy steps down.  Dungy was always a guy who made good decisions, on and off the field.  This looks like another one.  Go out near the top instead of on the way down.