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Morning Newspaper for January 12th

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North Carolina goes down to defeat again, UCLA narrowly escapes, and Alabama rises up at last and defeats a worthy foe.  Can Kentucky shake off the Knoxville blues?  Are we done bemoaning the state of college football yet?

Extra, extra!  Read all about it!

Kentucky Basketball News

  • A must-read essay about the Tennessee-Kentucky game over at Rocky Top Talk.  Earning an opponent's respect is priceless, and with Tennessee, it is reciprocated.  Read this first.
  • Chris Diggs waxes sarcastic about the Vanderbilt game.
  • Man keeps his own UK stats since 1961.  Wow, now there is a 'Cat fan.
  • Bozich blogs on the computer ratings for the local college teams.
  • Volunteers showing chinks in their armor.  The Vols have one big chink and several small ones.  The big chink is defense, the small ones are poor shot selection, marginal team chemistry and streaky outside shooting.
  • Looks like Derrick Favors has scratched the 'Cats.

Kentucky Football/Other Sports News

  • UK Hoops wins again, this time over the Razorbacks.
  • This blog thinks Jeremy Jarmon will be back along with Micah Johnson.  Keep your fingers crossed.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Carolina goes down again, and Rush The Court has more details than you could ever want.  Mike Miller of Beyond the Arc wants a rematch.  Carolina March is tired of opposing fans rushing the court.  Parrish has more.  Dick Weiss wonders, "What the Heel?"  That's college basketball, my friend.
  • UCLA holds on to beat Southern Cal.  Bruins Nation has more.
  • Crimson Tide defeats LSU.  This is the first time since 2003 that 'Bama has won its season opener.  Good for the Elephants.

NCAA Football News

  • College football 2008, A-Z.  An interesting read if you have about half an hour.
  • The SEC is likely to continue it's domination, according to this article.  He makes a compelling point.
  • A review of the college football season by conference. 
  • Spurrier withdraws a scholarship offer.  Man, that is just wrong.  I have vented on this before, so I won't do it again, but that's just unethical in my view.

Other News of Interest

  • Expanded Louisville Invitational Basketball Tournament begins today.