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Sunday Brunch for January 11th

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Big win for the 'Cats yesterday against a depleted basketball team.  The SEC season has begun, and starting off 1-0 is always the best way to begin.

And now, for news:

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Kentucky's role-players step up.  DeAndre Liggins singled out for praise.  Meeks said his 20-foot banker wasn't what he was aiming for, but he'll take it.
  • The Tennessean puts an asterisk beside Kentucky's victory.  One of my biggest gripes about this game is that we had such a struggle with a team that had their best player on the bench.
  • John Clay says that UK will need more than 10 good minutes against Tennessee on Tuesday.  Tuesday is huge for the 'Cats, and the Vols will be ready.  So must we.
  • Harris' injuries were worse than most of us thought.  Obviously, he's glad to be back, and I for one am really happy to have the Razor back.
  • Gillispie's post-game comments.  I listened to them on the radio, and the big takeaway for me was that he is clearly frustrated with Harrellson's lack of production -- and justifiably so, I think.
  • I think Chuck Jones gets it exactly right.  There is something enigmatic about this Kentucky team.  I think we can chalk most of it up to youth, but long term, our success depends upon a more focused effort.
  • Post UK-Vandy thoughts.
  • It wasn't pretty.
  • Ross-Miller unhappy with his performance.

Kentucky Football/Other UK Sports News

NCAA Basketball News

  • Tennessee has a tough time with the Dawgs.
  • Mississippi State demonstrates why I have doubts about the Hogs.  I must say, Rotnei Clarke gets his shot off quicker than any guard in the league.  Unfortunately for Pelphrey's Piggies, very few of them found the net last night.  Fortson is impressive, but he has definite limitations, such as the lack of a jump shot and poor free throw shooting.
  • Cal is 4-0 in the Pac-10.  Amazing what a coaching change can do.
  • Boston College drops its second in a row after defeating North Carolina.  I'm feeling better about not including them in my top 25 ballot now.
  • Louisville wins another one at the last second.

NCAA Football News

  • More Utah/Florida angst.  Note to the writer -- Of course there is no national champion in Football.  There is a BCS champion, and that is Florida.  Arguing Utah is better is irrelevant -- they weren't selected to play in that game, and they had the same chance as everyone else.  Deal with it.
  • More turmoil at Louisville.  I can't see Kragthorpe lasting until the end of next year.  He may be a great guy, but things at Louisville are going so far south, we may actually see honest-to-God peasants with pitchforks in the River City very soon.
  • Heh.  Now this is funny.  BC's AD fired Jagodzinski because he broke the faith with Boston College by going on an interview.  Now, instead of promoting from within or hiring an unemployed coach and demonstrating a commitment to principle, DeFilippo is interviewing Skip Holtz of ECU.  This looks like a case of loyalty for me but not for thee.
  • This guy joins the chorus of lament for too many bowls, and concludes that college football is more about money than athletic competition.  My questions to him is this -- Since when does fewer games mean more or better competition?  And when has college athletics not been about money?
  • No doubt about it, detractors notwithstanding.
  • Sports2debate has the top ten most dominant football programs of the 2000's.  Today it is 10-6.