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Open Game Thread: Norfolk State at Kentucky

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So here we go, the first of three games that UK should definitely win, giving us an excellent chance to go to Tuscaloosa 4-0 to face the Tide. This is a big game for the Wildcat offense, who needs to prove that they can, in fact, move the football against inferior competition. It is also a big game for the defense, who will want to prove that thier performance against Louisville was not a fluke.

Five things Kentucky needs to do to win:

  1. Move the football on the ground;
  2. Demonstrate competence through the air, particularly the wide receivers.
  3. Dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the football;
  4. Contain DeAngelo Branche and Jamar Johnson;
  5. Continue the excellent special teams play.

Five things that could trip Kentucky up:

  1. Taking Norfolk State for granted, and taking plays off;
  2. Weak blocking between the tackles;
  3. Turnovers;
  4. Special teams mistakes;
  5. Failure to jump on Norfolk State early.

Look for the Wildcats to come out with guns blazing, and hang 30+ on the Spartans. We need to hold them to bupkis, or doubts about our defense will begin to kick in.

Go, 'Cats!