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OPEN SHOT: A quick look around the SEC today

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It's gameday, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation.  The game today will not be televised in most Kentucky markets except as a Pay-Per-View ($25 in Louisville) or on a delayed basis.  But those in Louisville who have Cingular/AT&T can get it live on ESPN 360, apparently.  That's what I'll be trying.  For other markets, check the website and see if you can get it there.

You have already seen my comments about Kentucky's game today, and we will, of course, have the usual open game thread with chat about the game.  Since I'll be watching on the computer, you may expect that I'll pretty much live blog this game for the benefit of those fans who, for whatever reason, can't get the game.

I'd like to share my comments with you about the other SEC teams Week 2 games, as below:

Team Conf WL W-L BCS WL SoS This week Comments
58.73 Miami Miami has the athletes to beat Florida. But they won't.
65.05 Central Michigan Georgia wins this one easily. MAC teams are food for the SEC gods.
1-0 1-0 51.59 Tulane Alabama wins easy. How easy will tell us something.
53.05 Southern Mississippi Southern Miss was a bowl team last year. This will tell us much more about Auburn than Louisiana Monroe.
56.48 Troy Game rescheduled due to Hurricane Gustav. Best wishes to all affected by that storm.
South Carolina 0-1 1-0 1-0 50.22 Lost at Vanderbilt Game played Thursday, and was an ugly loss for the 'Cocks. Can they regroup in time for Georgia?
1-0 1-0 46.3 Norfolk State See my comments below.
Vanderbilt 1-0 2-0 1-0 63.26 Beat South Carolina Game played Thursday. Rice next. Vandy looking like a bowl possibility.
56.19 at Wake Forest Bowl team last year who beat a pretty good Uconn team. I say Ole Miss bites the dust here.
0-1 0-1 59.6 open Open. I'll bet the Orange has never been happier to see an early open date.
58.74 at Louisiana-Monroe Arkansas wins this --- barely.
Mississippi State
61.67 Southeastern Louisiana Weak team. If Croom loses this one, all the good will from last year will be gone.

Looks like to me the SEC goes 7-1, with one game rescheduled, one open date and two games already played in conference.  It would tickle me if Ole Miss could pick up a win at Wake and rub sand in the eyes of the ACC, but it isn't likely.

All this thread lacks are your comments.  Bring 'em on!