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THE ROUNDABOUT: SEC Power Poll Edition (updated)

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Time to resurrect something I haven't done in a while -- link a few people and comment on their articles.  This is, of course, a tried and true blog tradition when you really don't have anything original to say.

First of, the official results of the SEC Power Poll for week 1 of the NCAA football season are in at Garnet and Black Attack, and you can find them at this link.  It is a true horse race for the top spot between Florida and Georgia, with LSU keeping the leaders in sight.

Next, the Mobile Press-Register looks at the SEC, and finds it very strong:

Perhaps at no time in the history of college football has the SEC's case for supremacy been stronger.

This, coming off consecutive BCS championships, is an astonishing statement.  How do you get stronger than strongest?  Seems the SEC is doing that, or at least widening the gap.

No one would dispute that all the major conferences have teams capable of competing in the SEC.  The thing is, no other conference has 10 or 11 such teams.  That is the real difference.


Shane Aaron Boyd, now recovered enough from mononucleosis to resume full speed and full contact football, says he is ready to play.  Nevertheless, Brooks and Phillips are concerned that he may have fallen too far behind and could be red shirted:

"(Boyd) is a little behind, but we've got to do some things to give him a chance to have success," offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Joker Phillips said. "We're in a three-week evaluation period of these wide receivers, and he's one of them."

If Boyd can't crack the rotation, he's comfortable with a redshirt season. But he's confident he can make an impact now, especially given the inconsistent play of some receivers against the Cardinals.

Shane is the most talented of the receivers in this year's class, and carried a Rivals 4-star ranking out of high school.  Let's wish him luck in his quest to make an impact this year.  We definitely could use him.


Mark Story of the Herald-Leader has apparently started a new blog, called, "Read Mark Story's e-mail," and his first post is entitled, "Ask Mark Anything," and here's and example of what goes on there:

Question one: Instead of building a new downtown arena, why doesn’t UK look into putting a dome on Commonwealth Stadium and playing both football and basketball there like Syracuse does in the Carrier Dome?

Roman Anderlich, Lexington

Mark’s reply: Rob Mullens, the number two man in UK’s athletics administration, says that to his knowledge, there has been no feasibility study on doming Commonwealth and making it a multi-use facility. Mullens points out that a main goal of the city of Lexington is to keep UK playing in a downtown arena as part of ensuring that the downtown area stays economically vital. Mullens says the university also embraces that goal. So I don’t think there is much chance of doming Commonwealth for basketball.


4th and Blue has a review of the football game last Sunday, and looks at the offense, defense, and special teams.  Here is a taste:

The running game was surely disappointing but not as bad as it seems. The Cards were stacking the box and Kentucky was diving right into the teeth of it. Not much success today but things weren’t mixed up at all and things weren’t happening in the passing game.

Read the whole thing.


If you haven't heard by now, our best and most experienced offensive tackle, Garry Williams, will be out for the Norfolk State game due to a knee inflammation.

UPDATE:  According to Matt May at The Cat's Pause, Williams had his knee scoped today and will miss a minimum of 2-3 weeks.  The injury bug comes calling where we can least afford it -- the O-line.  Here is a link from KSR


Hurricane Gustav will postpone the LSU-Troy game scheduled for this weekend.  The game seems likely to be rescheduled for sometime in November:

"We would have loved to play the game, but it's not possible and the city of Baton Rouge is in too bad shape to take resources away to play a football game," LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said. "The welfare of the people of Baton Rouge, the uncertain power issues facing all of us and the condition of Tiger Stadium were all factors in making this decision."

That's a tough break for both teams, and our hearts go out to those who's lives were affected by the recent storm.  At this point, it's best for all of us who live near the coast to take Jimmy Buffet's advice and, "[Try] to Reason with Hurricane Season."


Ballin' is a Habit catches up with Wayne Turner.  I didn't know Wayne was a one-time Globetrotter.


Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur have been sent home from the NBA's mandatory transition program for rookies for unspecified "violations of league rules." 

"The players were sent home for violating program rules," NBA spokesman Tim Frank said. "They will be appropriately sanctioned and will have to repeat the program next year."

Whenever I hear that phrase used, I always think it is for puffing the Ganja, rightly or wrongly.  That seems to have become a code phrase in both college and the NBA for pot smoking or a positive urinalysis.