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Kentucky Basketball: A slight update

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There is little basketball news at the moment, but that doesn't mean there is none at all.  I know some of these stories have been out there a while, but I thought I would take a look at them anyway. reported on Monday that Daniel Orton's visit to Kansas went very well -- so well, in fact that KU is now the co-leader along with UK for Orton's services.  That isn't good news for Kentucky, although in the wacky world of basketball recruiting, you never know what may happen.  Gillispie is known as a recruiter, and so far he has not lost a recruiting battle when UK was favored.  His skills will now be put to the test, and Bill Self would like nothing better than to walk in and collect a player UK  and his old buddy Gillispie had been counting on.

The biggest thing that concerns me is that Kansas gets the last shot at him.  He will be coming to Big Blue Madness first, and Kansas' version second.  We have seen in the past with guys like Orton who are not yet ready to commit that the last visit is often the one that closes the deal.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Marc Maggard deserves a shout out here, also, for pointing out to UK fans way back in the spring that leading for a player's services in May is not something to be sanguine about.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Derrick Favors has narrowed his list down to six schools:  Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Memphis, Connecticut and Florida State.  The smart money says that Favors will stay close to home in Georgia, but you never know what could happen if it suddenly looked like UK had a lot of playing time available for a big man.  With Orton suddenly in a bit of doubt, maybe he will look a bit longer at the Bluegrass state.  Hat tip:  ACC Basketball Recruiting Blog.

There is also news that there may be an open scrimmage this weekend.  I myself will not be attending, but if someone does, please do tell us what you see.  I will provide front-page treatment if you like.