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Kentucky Football: Post MTSU injury update

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Lots of injuries from the MTSU game.  The only good thing about the injuries is that none of them appear to be season-ending at this point.  But with that said, they will seriously test the depth of the team.  The very earliest we can expect a full-speed return is probably the Alabama game, and I wouldn't put a lot of money on that date.  The particulars are as follows:

  • Randall Cobb, Micah Johnson and Ricky Lumpkin all managed to get the same injury -- high ankle sprains.  We know from Chris Lofton's high ankle sprain two years ago that these injuries can take up to 8 weeks to heal sufficiently.  No word on the likely prognosis of the players, but they are currently listed as "out indefinitely."  We'll know more on Monday.
  • David Jones -- Knee hyperextension, will likely miss a few days of practice.
  • T.C. Drake -- minor ankle sprain, out a few days.
  • Stuart Hines -- minor ankle sprain, out a few days.

Get well soon, guys.