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Middle Tennessee State University @ Kentucky

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There is no way, regardless of competition, that going 3-0 is a bad thing at Kentucky. Yes, four of our first five games have been and will be against inferior competition, but after that, we will not be facing anything but tough. Alabama at Tuscaloosa, South Carolina, Arkansas, at Florida. Those games will really test the 'Cats, and it's time for us to make hay while the sun shines, because before long, the weather will get a lot more threatening. I encourage you to check out Ken's excellent pre-game analysis if you haven't

Today will mark the first time this year that Kentucky has faced the dreaded Spread Option Offense this year. Kentucky has not shown that it can stop this offense, and it must face it several more times this year, so this is a relatively big test for the defense. The offense must also prove that it can score consistently against lesser teams, because it is only going to get tougher from here. To add a little more suspense to this game, Maryland, who MTSU defeated last week, beat #23 Cal today.

Kentucky will be successful if:

  1. The defensive line is able to get pressure on the quarterback consistently.
    The linebackers can contain the Spread on the ground.
  2. The 'Cats wins the turnover battle.
  3. UK continues to excel on special teams.
  4. The two headed quarterback works out.

Kentucky will struggle if;

  1. The Blue Raiders move the ball on offense consistently.
  2. The UK offense struggles.
  3. The offense turns the ball over.
  4. The running game fails to materialize.
  5. The Wildcats take MTSU for granted, as they were earlier this week in practice.

3-0 is a good start, and we need this game badly. Without it, the path to a bowl game gets very much more difficult.

Go, 'Cats!