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OPEN SHOT: Which Kentucky basketball newcomer will have the most impact next year?

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As we inch closer and closer to Big Blue Madness (inside a month now according to my countdown clock), it's time to begin thinking about the shape of the team. With so many new players coming on board, I am wondering which of the newcomers will have the most impact on the 2008-09 basketball team, and I'm going to ask the Big Blue Nation to help me. To help you out, I'll present a brief case for each one:

  1. Kevin Galloway SF 6'6"/210 Rivals

    Galloway played point guard at the College of Southern Idaho, but it seems pretty clear to me that he was recruited more for his ability to handle the ball and play in many spots on the floor. He brings some college-level experience and an athletic body. He will likely be the Jack-of-all-trades and glue guy, but his scoring is a question mark. But this maturity could make him a difference-maker.

  2. Josh Harrellson C 6'9"/265 Rivals

    Like Galloway, Harrellson comes from junior college, but he has three full years of eligibility remaining. Harrellson is a big body who can bang and shoot from the perimeter. He will shore up the middle of the Wildcat's front line, giving much needed rest to Patrick Patterson and Perry Stevenson. His combination of inside-outside could make the 'Cat front line the most formidable in the SEC.

  3. DeAndre Liggins PG 6'5"/190 Rivals

    Liggins is a very tall point guard, but unlike Galloway, he is a true point guard. Liggins is capable in all areas of the game, but is not particularly athletic. His passing and length, as well as Kentucky's lack of returning high talent at the point guard position make him a likely impact player there.

  4. Darius Miller SF 6'6"/215 Rivals

    A silky-smooth athlete and a mature player for his age and experience, Miller brings a lot of skill and talent to a position where UK needs it. Unlike Ramon Harris, Miller has a reliable perimeter shot and can handle the ball. His lack of experience will be the biggest thing to overcome, but he could make a huge impact from the 3 spot and possibly the 2 as well.

  5. Donald Williams SG 6'4"/200 Rivals

    Very little is actually known about Williams by most UK fans. Williams is said to be a physical guard who can score, and has the capability to play both guard positions, and said to have a solid handle. Williams is the X-factor this year, as he burst on the recruiting scene very late.

So there we have it, a quick look at the newcomers. Now you must decide who will produce the biggest impact on the team this year by voting in the poll below. Please take some time to explain your vote in the comments section.