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Governor's Cupdate, Saturday August 9th


I decided to stop making this an open thread.  It just didn't make much sense.

Today, we have some bad news.  4* freshman wide receiver Aaron Boyd has contracted mononucleosis.  The recovery is around 4-6 weeks, and the question the UK staff is struggling with is whether or not he will be able to catch up.  They will evaluate him early after his return, and if not, they will redshirt him for the 2008 season.  This is a painful but not fatal blow to our WR depth chart, and opens up an opportunity for someone else.  It is very fortunate to have been discovered prior to contact drills, or he could have suffered serious internal injuries.

In other news more related to future Governor's Cups than this one, as reported by Kent below.  Ryan Mossakowski, a 4* quarterback out of the Dallas, Texas area, committed to UK yesterday.  Kentucky does not get very many 4* recruits, and the last one we had at quarterback was a certain Andrè Woodson, and I think we can all remember how he fared at Kentucky.

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